Studies have shown that studies are bunk

Studies have shown that studies are bunk

It’s time for everyone to STOP. To stop “believing” any and all of those so-called “studies” that are regurgitated on a daily basis. And to add a point to the article below – is a better perspective: “All studies that are promoted – are to further the AGENDA of someone who benefits from the reactions of those studies.” We can think of a few. Diet (pharma), laws (gov’t), environment (Musk) and so on.

It’s not hard to simply ask “who benefits?” (cui bono?)

Most of the crap they peddle (i.e., fear, “bad for the environment”) is just that – fear and gloom and bad things. Most of it is not bad. They just want you to believe it. And most do.

We don’t.

We put all our glass and plastic in the same garbage bag every day. No one has punished us yet! HAHA! Suckers! The planet hasn’t melted! Hooray!

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Are you a believer of studies?

By Adam

Whenever I hear someone utter the dreaded phrase, “studies have shown,” I invariably reach for the barf bag. The way I see it all of our troubles could be solved if everyone committed this to memory – “studies have shown that studies are bunk.”

The use of studies have shown as some sort of deference-to-authority-clause to win arguments is the laziest and most dishonest trick in the book. The more you use studies have shown then the more you grow to depend on it. It’s crack cocaine for left-wing talk show hosts everywhere, (are there are other kinds?)

So today it gives me great pleasure to quote from a piece which is smothered in great globulous chunks of studies have shown. Because I like cocaine too.

Study: Being alone can be good for your mental health, sparks creativity.

When it comes to seeking solitude, many people often blame mental health issues as an underlying cause. But a new study finds that being alone has its benefits too, particularly when it comes to people looking for a surge of creativity.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo interviewed 295 privacy-valuing individuals who reported a variety of reasons for their tendency to spend a lot of time alone, ranging from feeling fear or anxiety around others to preferring to use spare time working on a craft.

Maybe studies have shown is old hat now. All the cool kids are using a new study finds.

Anyway, faithful readers of this blog will no doubt have twigged as the reason why I am quoting this study. Pat yourself on the back if your first thought was to check the 28 traits of the modern man. Because sure enough at trait number 11 we find the following title:

The modern man has spent time alone.

It’s important to understand why solitary time is necessary for a man. It is through solitude that a man learns who he is. Being constantly distracted by outside attention draws a man away from contemplation. And contemplation is a requirement for inner growth. Being alone gives a man time – time to work out who he is and where he fits in the outside world. Time to develop himself as a person that he likes and wants to be.

For this reason it is crucial for a man to have lived alone at some point in his life. His own apartment, his own rules and world. In the early days he will inevitably be a slob, luxuriating in the freedom of doing whatever he wants. But as he matures he will come to understand the benefits of cleanliness and order. He learns how to take care of himself.

A man who knows how to take care of himself is self-sufficient.

“Science” is only just catching up with the modern man; to whit, moi.

But these science charlatans are really quite shameless. They might be saying now that being alone is cool and all that, but what were they saying previously?

Although research has traditionally suggested that excessive time alone can be unhealthy, some seclusive pursuits, such as trying to connect to nature or get a better sense of self, can be constructive, the researchers found.

They just spew rhetoric and other dumb stuff

Get that? Research has traditionally suggested that excessive time alone can be unhealthy. Traditionally means all of it. All of the research up to this point, all of it, stated that being alone was bad for you. You must be distracted all of the time! Run around! Talk to more people! Consume more! Get more stuff! Just whatever you do, don’t be alone!

And now they’re saying the opposite. Which to me says two things: they want to have it both ways, and all of their research is worthless. Studies such as this one abound for the simple reason that governments give taxpayer’s money to universities and they have to justify receiving it. So they do studies, which are worthless, but then governments take the studies seriously, (because they gave all of our money to them), so they take the studies and use them as the basis for public policy.

This is one reason why governments got into the game of telling people what to eat. 50 years later and obesity and diabetes rates are through the ceiling, and only now they’re admitting that cutting out fats might have been a very bad idea. [411 note: Go zero carb and win!] But they’re still going to spend lots of our money to investigate what they should be telling us to do with our own lives.

You don’t need to listen to governments. You just need to listen to me. Being alone is good for you. Another thing that is good for you is learning the fine art of lying on the couch all afternoon and not feeling guilty about doing it. The fine and noble art of doing sweet bugger all. If only more so-called scientists would do it then we might be spared further editions of studies have shown.

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