Smartphone sales smash records

Smartphone sales smash records

I saw the headline that smartphone sales “smashed records” during the recent “Black Friday” consumer frenzy. I didn’t even need to read the article to understand.

We were out and about the weekend following Thanksgiving. Stores that sell (mostly) useful things like Lowe’s and Home Depot – were relatively calm. But as we passed by stores like the Verizon or AT&T Wireless stores in the area – as well as Apple and Microsoft stores – they were MOBBED.

Technology (primarily social media) as well as the games that keep you addicted (i.e., “gamification”), are all the rage for an obvious reason. We’re circling the drain.

While it’s not a good sign for society, I find it fascinating nonetheless. I observed one “couple” sitting in the car next to us for 30 minutes. All they were doing was navigating their own smartphones. The entire time. Swipe, flip, tap, (switch apps), swipe, tap, etc. Every fifth or 10th thing they encountered, they showed to the other person. Maybe a giggle or two. Then back to swiping, tapping, etc.

I guess that’s what couples on dates do these days? Just compare crap they see on their phones?

smartphone sales smash records

Attention spans are digital now

Some have argued that one of the best places to make money these days are within these digital/social media ecospheres. Because that is where people’s attention spans are. And they might be right.

But what I find utterly fascinating is why so few people have resisted this widespread addiction.

Is it because that addiction is nearly impossible to break? Does anyone want to be in control of their own destiny anymore? Do they not realize how much they’re being manipulated for the profit of others?

It’s actually more sad than fascinating. I often feel like I’m personally witnessing the demise of a species before my very eyes. Like a plague that eradicates the population. But most of these warnings fall on deaf ears.

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