Consumer Hype

Consumer Hype – When do you “get it?”

I waited for a week and a few days after Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) to opine about the 2017 edition of Consumer Hype.

But it bugs me more each year that passes by.

I downloaded an “app” called Retale on my bathroom iPad (don’t hate me for that – it’s how I get a pulse on everyone else). Just to see what the deal was. This “app” spares you the trouble of going online, spamming your inbox, or looking in your mailbox or newspaper bag for “circulars” that are typically disseminated by these retail outlets.

And what I saw was literally sickening.

consumer hype doorbusters best buy garbage 720x378 - Consumer Hype

DOORBUSTERS and other useless crap!

Every single ad (other than upscale outlets) used the phrase “doorbusters.” Holy crap! These are not doorbusters. They are “we make a profit because we buy shoddy crap from Chinese outlets at bargain-basement prices – usually pennies on the dollar – for you to think you got a good deal!”

Nothing but crap that will be disregarded less than a year from now.

Man, consumerism gets my goat.

The design is nice, however

All the ads we saw were “nice” to some degree. They had good visual design aspects. I guess the millennials have learned the trade well. For a good cause? (/sarc)

But at the same time – they were atrocious in their intentions.

To get ordinary people who don’t NEED any of their crap – to spend their LIMITED money on said CRAP.

In a few years, that shit will be worthless! ALL OF IT!

Distance yourself from consumerism at all cost!

consumer hype - Consumer HypeOne of the best bits of advice I can ever peddle – is get away – FAR away as you can from the curse known to mankind which is called: CONSUMERISM.

Consumerism is the desire for crap you never, ever truly need.

It can fall into almost any category known to mankind. Clothes, food, gadgets, cars, jewelry, cooking utensils, etc.

Think about your BARE NECESSITIES. Not what you have been “sold” will supposedly make your life better. Do not let your emotions dictate what you think you “need!”

Every single solitary thing I’ve ever purchased because I was mentally manipulated to do so – is GONE from my life. It did not last as long as they promised.


(There are brilliant things that once were available – that are gone forever – that I will talk about in a future post….)

The best thing you can give anyone – friend, family, or even you readers – is the gift of true knowledge. Empowering others to improve their lives. Not via virtue-signaling nonsense like charity or refugees – but by sharing good information that can help people survive.

De-cluttering your life both physically and digitally is sound advice.

By eliminating most of the “static” that enters your brainwaves – you will be a better person. Do not let the hype wave envelop you.

Yes – the current trend is in the digital realm. But I don’t think it will last forever. Be on the forefront of the new modern pioneers – and you will succeed in the future. It’s going to happen in our lifetime. The tide will turn.

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woke hoboke
woke hoboke
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 9:41 pm

True! I just recently got it. That all the things myself and everyone else was talking about a few years ago, is now forgotten. The current trend. The next big thing. It never stops. Including the money I spent on this and that.

No more.

I finally asked myself what good does it do. To be in with what people are raving about? To have the latest?

I was missing from that equation other than the money I spent to be part of it.

Disconnecting was the obvious choice. Done.

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