Why are co-workplaces so desirable?

Why are co-workplaces so desirable?

You see these so-called “co-workplaces” popping up everywhere these days. Why are they such a big deal?

It reminds us of the old “internet cafes” of days past.

I’m curious as to why, say, independent freelancers need to share an open office space with others, perhaps not doing the same thing?

Almost everyone has massive 4G LTE+ data plans on their cell phones – so why does anyone need a “co-workplace” environment whatsoever? When almost anywhere else (i.e., coffee shop) works just as well?

Afraid to do it alone?

Part of this phenomenon could be due to the fact that most freelancers and startups cannot function alone. Almost like children.

Maybe they’re unable to even come up with new ideas or solutions to their problems without leaning on someone else. Think of it as a “human Google” environment?

Or perhaps they like leeching for leads, or even worse – using the ideas of others for themselves?

A sense of “community?”

I think also that over the past few decades – society, in general, has become more of a “group” thing, and perhaps that feeling of community is like a safety blanket for most people. Having people to socialize with isn’t really a bad thing, but it can hamper productivity as much or more than it might benefit in other ways. Especially for people who work best in complete quiet in order to properly articulate their thoughts and ideas.


Co-workplaces will continue growing

It’s hard to find any negative opinions about these shared or co-workplaces. Which I find quite fascinating. Are they really that great?

Maybe this is how most new businesses sprout up. Because people collaborate on “gigs,” instead of long-term, stable ventures. The number of “serial entrepreneurs” I see who can’t stick with one mode for more than three years is incredible.

That said, I don’t see anything that would prevent this movement from growing for the near future.

But it’s still nice to see people who find a specific craft or skill – and stick with it for most of their life. With all this rapidly changing “tech,” those days may be numbered, that’s for sure.

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