The Intellectual Relationship

The Intellectual Relationship {is it gone for good?}

intellectually compatibleAs I get older (but still look 20+ years younger than I really am), I understand and value the importance of intellectual compatibility.

Which leads me to believe that almost every person seeking to find their “mate for life” should focus on the intellectual relationship – not solely the physical one.

But as I see how people “connect” in 2017 (social media, bullshit sites like Tinder, etc.), it appears that our society is devolving.

Materialistic and narcissistic energies are soiling the landscape of true companionship.

Partners for life – On the same team – Bonnie and Clyde

Our society has become so profoundly superficial, that it is bothersome to those with critical thinking skills.

Sure, there are still people with logical minds, and will end up with compatible partners – but in terms of the majority of budding relationships, I don’t think that is true. The last 10-20 years have propagated a very selfish society.

“What’s in it for me?”

While self-preservation is critical in anyone’s life – the “what’s in it for me” mentality today is purely narcissistic. Sex and money are the top contenders. Image and ego are not far behind.

But those things may be short-lived.

Whatever happened to finding a soul mate? People who think on the same wavelength? Who get each other?

It’s not always about physical

intellectual compatibilityThere is, however, some truth about physical attraction.

For instance, I wouldn’t be able to muster up a molecule of excitement for some of these fat pig women that the gatekeepers of society are peddling as “sexy” or “attractive.”

Any woman that gorges on food and gets obese and has cottage cheese-like skin – is a total turn off. Regardless of how “cute” their personality is, or how brilliant or funny they are. Sure, they can be friends. But why would I want to wrestle in bed with a literal pig?

Where is the self-respect?

If a woman cannot control her body sensibly – then you will have other problems down the line. Plus – that is selfish to eat yourself several sizes up. Control your taste buds, people!

I’m sure there are plenty of fat pig chicks that I’d probably really, really like a lot. But I’d have to educate them and inform them that they are killing themselves. And that I wouldn’t be happy with a person that weighs more than me. Attraction is a deal-breaker without a doubt.

But if I had a gun to my head and had to pick between the smokin’ hot chick with cement for brains, and the fat pig who’s sweet, funny and smart – I’d pick the fat pig for my lifelong partner.

If I had no gun to my head, I’d choose to be alone until I found my intellectual companion.

Understanding puzzle pieces

One last thing that I think is important in any relationship – is how puzzle pieces fit. Give and take in other words.

Each person brings with them strengths and weaknesses.

It’s crucial for any long-term relationship to understand them very well. And respect them.

Not about what people “want” (i.e., ego-driven desires), but what people are truly good at. It’s also a male / female thing much of the time as well.

Men are typically better at “man things.” Heavy-lifting, building stuff, fixing things, and logical, math-based endeavors. Women are typically better at more superficial things like decorating, furnishings, and motherly aspects like child-rearing.

Each person in the relationship should essentially relinquish some parts of themselves to allow the other to dictate the circumstances.

For example, a woman should shut the fuck up when it comes to how to fix a broken household fixture. And men should stay out of what color or fabric a room or piece of furniture should be.

In the end – a good intellectual relationship is the secret to success

If you can find an acceptable physical mate – your key barometer for determining whether it’s good long-term is your intellectual compatibility.

And not just “do you like watching the same shows” type shit. It’s what happens in-between that is more important.

How you talk about simple things. How you respect each other’s strengths.

And most importantly – you really have to be interested in each other’s hobbies or mental outlook.

A girl who just loves shopping for things is probably not compatible with a guy who is fascinated with pragmatism and the downfall of society.

You gotta find someone who is truly very close to your wavelength for at least 75% of the things you think about. Not identical – but compatible enough for a life-long relationship.

Hence, why more that 50% of marraiges end in divorce.

intellectual relationship

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