City living may lead to poor health

City living may lead to poor health {liberal sickness}

I’ve been thinking about this “metropolis” living arrangement (Hoboken in particular) for a while.

At the same time, I’ve been watching how “society” has been quietly devolving for the same time (all around us).

I say quietly – because it’s not happening in a profoundly recognizable way – but more in a subtle way. (Also quietly, because dissenters are silenced across the board…)

Do you recognize any of these “memes” coming from this city or similar cities?

I could probably add 100 more. But I won’t.

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City living almost “requires” apps!

city living apps - City living may lead to poor healthAnother detriment to city living is the incessant “need” (or want) for “apps” to make everyone’s lives easier.

An app to order groceries. Or to place your Starbucks order in advance – and pick it up without any human interaction. Or to order a cab ride (Uber). We could go on.

The apps just remove yet another piece of “humanity” from our, uh, humanity.

Does anyone other than me think about what all that means in the grand scheme of things?

The 90% of humans I see swiping and tapping as I move along these sidewalks gets me scratching my head. Sure – these are “free will” apps and markets – but still. Why the all of a sudden striving for “easier?”

I sometimes ponder that people love apps for the sole simplicity of it. They tap, tap, and tap – and get what the want “EASILY!”

And with little to no human interaction. Even getting laid nowadays almost never happens in person without some prior interaction with an “app.” Look at the line from that Mungo Jerry “In the Summertime” video I posted a few weeks ago: “Have a drink, have a drive, go out and see what you can find.” That doesn’t happen whatsoever anymore. It’s a LOST art.

Are people that anti-social these days? Seems like it – despite the non-stop SOCIAL media nonsense. Something bizarre about all of it, no?

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Limited human contact, plus the digital world = ?

As I watch people connect more and more to their slab of silicon – sometimes exclusively – I wonder how that might affect one’s health. Especially in a crowded urban landscape.

If you spend day after day – moment after moment – and thought after thought via some program or “app” on your powerful smartphone – what is that doing to YOU as a human being?

Sure, all “advancements” have affected society in some way. Like transportation, commerce, music, entertainment, energy, etc. – but nothing has infiltrated “us” in the way that advanced technological communications have.

We have at least 100 ways to “reach out” to people these days.

Unheard of just three decades ago. Uncharted territory for sure – but how is it affecting humanity as a whole?

Don’t be a naysayer – weren’t calculators bad, too?

A lot of arguments people make in defense of “progress,” are similar to “Well, what about the invention of the wheel or calculator? Didn’t those help humanity?”

Yes, indeed. But on an entirely different scale. A typical argument is the “black and white” type. Where they take something in a different league and use it as a basis of comparison – as if they were of equal weight.

Compare that to when a child learns to walk (a basic skill) to when they discover their own identity, speech, and opinions (infinitely more complex).

The same is happening with the advancement of technology as well as dense, urbanized living. Things are becoming overly complicated and granular. Oftentimes, beyond utility – and only for the enrichment of those who are the so-called “gatekeepers” of such profound (said with sarcasm) achievements.

The control mechanisms of a culture and societal (community-based) existence have become dangerous, in fact.

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A two-edged blade

We feel that this utterly rapid advancement of technology – along with urbanized lemmings running around is a scary recipe for disaster.

A massive toilet-bowl filled with dumbed down “citizens” who peck away at psychologically manipulative “things” on their devices, plus controlled media, easy handouts (only in liberal cities), and the elimination of alternate options – is truly a bad path to be on.

I’ve personally witnessed in just a short decade or maybe two – the distinct degradation of the thinking human being.

Don’t get me wrong – yes, people still “think,” and have not become brain-dead (actually), but they’re thinking in different, less contemplative ways.

They’ve become reliant on “asking Google” for answers. Or equally as bad, not trying to figure things out on their own. The number of participants asking for the opinion of others on the most mundane of topics has become mind-boggling. And I’m not sure what is worse – the people asking stupid questions, or the number of dopes willing to answer – instead of honestly responding “why can’t you figure that shit out on your own, dumbass?”

Make no mistake about it – our great technology – while appearing fabulous – will destroy a huge part of our existence.

I truly believe that Mike Judge was onto something when he produced IDIOCRACY.

Enter the future at your own risk.

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