Social Madness {it is happening for real!}

Social Madness {it is happening for real!}

As we observe everything around us – both “online” and in the actual, physical world – it’s clear as day that social madness is happening for real.

In Hoboken and everywhere beyond!

Part of the blame can be attributed to social media – and other non-traditional forms of “communicating” between humans.

One of the main aspects you can easily identify is the polarization of our culture.

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This or that – nothing else!

Most folks are getting shoved onto one side or the other – with very little “grey area” in between. Especially when it comes to politics and other social issues (especially “equality,” “immigration,” “nationalism,” “gender,” and other hot-button topics.)

And when I say there is very little grey area – I mean it. The majority of people who “lean” one way or another – aren’t really leaning. They’re fully in the deep end of that side of the political spectrum.

I see liberals post nonsense all day long on social media. It’s the same cookie cutter narrative they support or peddle. Solar energy. Anti-Trump. IFTTT tech. Parroting “innovations” from technopolies like Google or Facebook or Apple. And when you step back 30,000 feet – you can see that they’re essentially brainwashed lemmings without an ounce of critical-thinking ability. Just “fanbois” or cheerleaders. In other words, “useful idiots.”

Same can probably be said for the extreme opposite side. Although the concepts of liberty, freedom, gun-ownership and the right to associate with whomever you want are hard to logically argue against. It’s only when it appears the “alt-right” is peddling for big corporations do they become true “useful idiots” as well.

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We’ve said it before – humans are flawed

I’ve mentioned in the past – how I’m fascinated by the incredibly fast “adoption” human beings take to a particular social thing.

I feel that it is so amazingly easy to persuade a LARGE MASS of people to think one way or another.

And as we pointed out earlier this week – those that have a sizeable chunk of the noise spectrum (places like FB and Twitter), they then try to squelch dissent and shape the narrative. They must be out of their minds to think that opposing viewpoints will just “disappear” because people were blacklisted. Gravitational force will succeed – and those people will find an outlet regardless. History has proven that to be accurate 100% of the time (unless of course entire countries get nuked – but that just delays the inevitable anyway).

Technology and social media may be great – but not even the “gatekeepers” of such technology can see the big picture. They try to control everything (such as by buying up and coming platforms for the sole purpose of killing them), but they do indeed have their heads up their asses. Not everyone will sell out – and bigger people will rise to the top. It’s a human being thing too. As much as we’re flawed, there are always those diamonds in the rough that make a historical difference – that no amount of money can purchase out of existence.

Humans are commodoties

social madness anti trump - Social Madness {it is happening for real!}In the end – what concerns me the most is the commoditization of human beings.

Humans (i.e., consumers) were always commodities in some degree. But the technological revolution and even more, the tracking of minuscule data segments of your basic daily life is what is frightening.

These tech companies are getting pretty good at predicting (and obviously shaping) societal trends. Almost all, except the election of Trump in 2016. That made them ANGRY, and now the mask comes off and you can make no mistake about what they’re up to. Or trying to accomplish, at least. This is one facet of the social madness that is happening around us.

My belief is that they are not covert or patient enough to succeed. That’s one thing about an over-confident group of influencers. They tend to get antsy and fail to plan properly to ensure success. Which is good for the rest of us.

Again – I strongly urge everyone to completely remove that social media from your lives. Yes, I’ve seen success stories of people influencing large masses of people on a path towards great wealth. But it’s not many, and the long-term outlook can change at any moment. Plus the amount of soul-sucking maintenance that is required to continue the facade is utterly draining. Who wants to (or can) live like that in perpetuity?

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Is there hope for the future?

The future geniuses are already putting into place a “back to normal” way of interacting and doing business. Without the need for brain cell-killing time-wasters like social media. It will happen, I’m confident about it.

Many of the other anti-trend opposers out there might have been wrong many times in the past – but since we’ve reached this light-speed pace of technology – I think it has crossed the line, and the naysayers will finally be correct this time around.

Ask any of the “Soy Boys” how they became the way they are – and you might find some revealing clues to discover some good answers!

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