What do you know about Barack Obama?


It’s a fair guesstimate many Hobokenites that plan on voting in the 2008 Presidential Election, are big fans of Barack Obama.

Myself, am still undecided, and completely unhappy with how the whole Primary was run, but that’s another story. Additionally, me and my friends also have our opinions about how the national news media “shapes” individuals opinions, but that too, is a discussion for another day.

But deep within my vault of 100’s of thousands of emails, I stumbled across this email the other day, and I would like to hear the “COUNTER-POINT” from Barack Obama supporters in Hoboken:

The Truth about Obama?

You Don’t Know the Truth About Barack Obama Until You Read This Book


  • Has any major presidential candidate received less critical examination than Barack Obama?
  • People blindly flock to him, the press fawns over him, but nobody questions his promises, plans, or past—until now.

In The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate, investigative journalist and National Review Online political reporter David Freddoso removes the gilt from the golden candidate, exposing Obama for who he really is: the #1 most liberal U.S. senator whose policies and inexperience could put our country in serious jeopardy.

Like any convincing argument, Freddoso supports The Case Against Barack Obama with sound evidence and facts. Delving into Obama’s legislative record, interviewing his colleagues, and analyzing Obama’s books and speeches, Freddoso does the research that the media has neglected. His conclusion? Obama the Orator is very different from Obama the Legislator. From his history of supporting corrupt Chicago politics to his extreme liberal voting record, The Case Against Barack Obama proves that Obama is not the politician of “change”, but the politician of status quo.

In this shocking exposé, Freddoso builds his case by revealing what the nightly news hasn’t told you, including:

  • Obama’s extensive connections to corrupt Chicago politics—while he claims to be a reformer
  • Obama’s plans to increase taxes—amid rising fuel and food prices, he just voted to raise taxes for anyone making more than $32,000
  • Obama’s dangerous mix of inexperience and poor judgment—evident in his shifting policy positions and the Rev. Wright scandal
  • Obama’s radical voting record—he repeatedly voted against legislation to protect babies born alive during failed abortions

No doubt there will be other books about Barack Obama, but The Case Against Barack Obama is the first comprehensive and critical look at the man who would be president. Freddoso builds a rock-solid case against Obama’s “bipartisan reformer” façade, going where most journalists—and books—refuse to tread.

Is the book accurate in any way? Or is this just PURE POLITICAL SPIN once again?

I appreciate any and all comments on this, as I want to know how you Obama fans might respond.

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sorry about the broken link. everytime I’ve posted, it gets cut off or something…

Hawaii’s allowance of foreign born persons to register a birth and claim Hawaii as place of birth:
had to post it this way since for some reason pasting doesn’t work


[quote comment=”146294″]I thought he had already. It’s also been thoroughly examined by factcheck.org and is on file with the state of Hawaii. A state original is really the only way to verify authenticity. Half the illegals working here have birth certificates and all sorts of fake documents.[/quote] And that’s simply all the lawyers are requesting. Yet it is blocked by his lawyers in the name of privately (rightfully so). Obama satisfied some with presenting the CoLB from Hawaii. And as I said before, this is not the vault Birth Certificate, but a secondary (short form) document which briefly sources to an original = being a long form Birth Certificate listing a lot more details – see standard U.S. Birth Certificate. This primary source document is what the lawyers are preventing from being released. Now, the problem with the lawyers filing suit have to do with Hawaii’s allowance of foreign born persons to file a birth (elsewhere) and registering in Hawaii for a Certificate of Live Birth stating Hawaii as place of birth (see below). capitol.hawaii.gov/hrscurrent/vol06…0344/HRS0338/HRS_0338-0017_0008.HTM That’s what gives pause. Then you have the rest of the stuff from what the family in Kenya has said, the government, etc – which is more hearsay than documented evidence – such as a vault long form Birth Certificate giving all the details… why block the release of this? The legal hurdles comes from the verification process for confirming eligibility. People aren’t sure how much the government can do to verify and to what… Read more »

strand tramp
strand tramp

he should produce the original as a service to his supporters like me.


I thought he had already. It’s also been thoroughly examined by factcheck.org and is on file with the state of Hawaii.

A state original is really the only way to verify authenticity. Half the illegals working here have birth certificates and all sorts of fake documents.

You seem genuine in your desire to just get to the truth, but there are plenty of others that, assuming they had personally examined a copy of the birth certificate, would come up with a thousand outlandish reasons why it was a forgery….that the typesetting comes from a typewriter that clearly was of Pakistani origin, or analysis of the paper indicates that it is not from the same stock that other certificates have, whatever. They’ll never be happy with any explanation, and this post will still be threading in 2013 or 2017, whenever he ends up leaving office.

strand tramp
strand tramp

why doesn’t he just release his birth certificate?