Eminent Domain Abuse in Hoboken

Eminent Domain Abuse in Hoboken

The so-called Government “use” of the phrase eminent domain over the past couple decades has become perverted.

Back in the day – eminent domain TRULY meant for the “betterment” of society.

For example, that meant building ROADS or other STRUCTURES that were of UTILITARIAN use.

However, as time has progressed – it appears that “governments” from coast to coast now feel that they can use the eminent domain clause TO TAKE WHATEVER THEY WANT. (Or in other words – do what they want for votes and popularity.)

In this case, the property in question in the Union Dry Dock section of the Hoboken waterfront.

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Why this is wrong {eminent domain}

Parks (or “parks” if you want to be sincere), are AMENITIES.

They are not NECESSITIES by a long shot.

Let that sink in for a frickin’ second or hundred. I’ll repeat it in case you don’t understand.


Do you comprehend that now?

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Hoboken is pushing its boundries

The whole point of the argument being made by Hoboken and their supporters – is that “we need a contiguous waterfront park!”


Well, who said anyone NEEDS that park?

(Key operative – “need.”)

The whole point of eminent domain back in the day was for improvement of society as a whole. FROM A FUNCTIONAL STANDPOINT.

Not a “luxury” standpoint, which is what destroying a business for “recreation” is all about.

Hoboken FUNCTIONS just fine without that “last” section of the waterfront. People can still get by, and live JUST FINE without that parcel of land being turned into a park.

Why all the UPROAR about it? Mind your own business is what I say!

Eminent Domain Abuse has to stop TODAY

Why it’s important to limit Eminent Domain

As you can tell – we’re not fans of this so-called “eminent domain” that governments across the country have been spewing.

Imagine this:

Some group of Hoboken Moms infiltrates the government electives to say “WE NEED MORE ELYSIAN PARK SPACE! IT IS TOO CROWDED!”

And the government body decrees that the blocks of 10th and 11th Streets along Hudson Street are now declared under eminent domain?

Don’t you see how ludicrous that is? Who’s right it is to take someone’s property away from them?

Think about how you justify NOT taking apartments away, but you think it’s fine that a CRITICAL part of the waterfront (for a water-based business) is being put into question?

It entirely depends on your perspective.

Put yourselves in the shoes of those who want that part of the waterfront (that they OWN) to do as they wish! You’d be MAD AS HELL AS WELL if some government body and a bunch of whining assholes who live nearby were telling YOU what should be done with YOUR property! Fuck them!

Heck, I can even contest the “highways” in New Jersey as well. But what is done is done. As always, the victor tells the tale.

In this case – I’d suggest you do your best to NOT let the draconian government tell the tale.

Why don’t we turn City Hall into a “much needed” GOOD BBQ JOINT? Isn’t that what Hoboken needs? You see how that will never happen? And who is controlling the levers of this sick city?

Now you see my point.

eminent domain union dry dock hoboken NJ 720x383 - Eminent Domain Abuse in Hoboken

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