5 Frugal Shopping Tips

5 Frugal Shopping Tips {for the holiday season}

Now that BLACK FRIDAY has passed us by (although the BLACK FRIDAY weekend is in full swing), here are 5 Frugal Shopping Tips that might save you money this season, and the year ahead.

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  1. Buy for the year ahead
    Any “holiday” that happens – wait until it’s over. ALL the products (like Halloween decorations, for instance) are discounted 50% – 75% off after the holiday has passed! KA-CHING!
  2. Clearance racks are your best bet
    We’ve mentioned in the past the total racket that places like Kohl’s run – where all prices are artificially inflated. Thus, your objective should be to find suitable things ONLY on the clearance racks.
  3. Choose your stores carefully
    Pay attention. Some stores are struggling. Stores with financial difficulty typically want to move inventory. Macy’s, believe it or not, is a pretty good option. We found some $500 Ralph Lauren sportcoats for $30 frickin’ dollars. All made in China, but what isn’t these days?
  4. Search for coupons
    You should never go shopping anywhere without at least doing a basic internet search for additional savings. Most often this entails just simply using your favorite search engine for “coupons” for your preferred store. Occasionally, you might need an “app” or another service (like Retailmenot.com) for help. Either way – it’s just plain DUMB to not at least give it a 5-minute crack to see if there is something you can use.
  5. Choose not to buy anything
    If push comes to shove – do the right thing. Don’t buy anything at all. Our consumer culture has brainwashed us into thinking we “need” lots of stuff. No, you don’t. Keep your money and spend it on true essentials only.

Frugal Shopping should be your primary sense

Even if you’re exorbitantly wealthy – frugal shopping is a healthy habit.

Because it will help you maintain your wealth.

There is no reason whatsoever to pay top dollar for anything. Unless it comes with “benefits” (you know what I mean.)

And I suspect in 2017, most people have some idea of how to score good deals. However, I’m a bit concerned that, due to the hype and marketing, that a good chunk of those “informed” people really does not know how to peel the layers back.

Much of the so-called “perception of savings” is indeed manufactured to LEAD people into believing they’re scoring. Truth is, folks are easily duped most of the time. Trickery is involved at all angles.

Just remember that the initial “price” or “suggested retail price” is fictitious. It’s what they WISHED everyone paid for a particular product.

Never ever pay full price for anything. Ever.

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