Why you should avoid games!

Why you should avoid games!

Games – especially computer games, can be amazing. But the profound trend among almost all of them – is their level of addictiveness. Which is why you should avoid games altogether!

They have a terrible curse associated with them.

I’ll give you at least one example below.

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Built in addictive mechanism {hint: gamification}

We’ve mention “gamification” in the past. It’s this mental mechanism humans have in their genes. To “upgrade” or to get something better. That feeling is addictive.

It can be as complicated as getting a better job, wife, car, or home. Or something as simple as “the next level” in a game. Or something in between, like reaching a level for a shopping rewards card.

Humans have this peculiar desire to reach levels.

However, as marketing and other psychological phenomenon have developed – this desire now reaches into the mundane, useless, and quite counter-productive for you.

My recent weakness {and how it was defeated}

The other day, I had a VERY RARE bout of boredom. Hasn’t happened in ages. For whatever reason, I was stumped for some way to kill time. I had just finished reading three books, my work was complete, and I had to “wait” a few hours before my next engagement. My eyes and mind were tired – I briefly reverted to previous bad habits like cheating on a diet.

What (bad thing) did I do? I browsed an app store for a free game to consume my time. Big mistake.

I ended up downloading a game I knew nothing about, called “Fallout Shelter.”

It’s a game where you “build” some fictitious community underground and grow skills, earn level-ups, and score items, etc.

It follows the same gamification model almost any long-term game uses. And it’s addictive.

I ended up slipping for a few days – wanting to progress more and more in the game – before I slapped myself back to reality. I had lost nearly a week of productivity. The game began seeping into my idle thoughts (like before bed, while driving, etc.) All in less than a week!

Despite my growing obsession with this stupid game, I realized I HAD TO PERMANENTLY DELETE IT FROM MY COMPUTER. Like a virus, it was consuming my life – with absolutely ZERO net-positive. It had to go – even though I was making excuses to keep it. A good reminder of the curse these things are. WHEW!

I can imagine others who have a SLEW of addictions, like games, programming and others. They’re literally screwed!

Luring other people in

I’ll admit – most, if not all “mainstream” programming follow the same tried and true methodology of addiction. It almost does NOT matter what the subject(s) are. The formula is the same. They ADDICT you. This is the exact same thing with games – the only differential being the “interaction” that the player (user) has.

I’ve had to encounter countless people trying to “suck me into” a particular program, game, or other addictive trap – and the best advice is to ALWAYS SAY NO. Don’t even “taste” it (i.e., watch an episode, play a game, take a snort). Just like drugs – shows, games, and other gamified elements of life should be kept far away from.

Key point: When it comes to “luring in,” only try to coerce others to avoid such traps. And be keen on identifying how others are getting wrapped up.

Like any “BINGE WATCHING” that 99% of you do – you can easily live without. But once you get taken over by that curse – your time is not yours anymore. It belongs to someone else out there.

Sick, controlling stuff we live around these days.

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