BLACK FRIDAY {Things you’ll never see!}

BLACK FRIDAY {Things you’ll never see on sale!}

Here we are. Yet another BLACK FRIDAY upon us.

The same crap will be peddled, such has been true the past 15 years. Technology. Clothes. And other “disposable” consumer goods.

In other words – utter garbage that will be rendered obsolete or ruined in a short time. Just think about the stupid crap that was so great back in 2010 – where is it now? The garbage dump? Some dusty drawer?

black friday were doomed 720x405 - BLACK FRIDAY {Things you'll never see!}

Man – if I had my way in this world – the following items would achieve “doorbuster” status:

Things (we wish) had blockbuster BLACK FRIDAY sales in 2017

  • Food. Good food, in fact. Like bacon, steaks, cheese, eggs. You’ll never see a “BLACK FRIDAY” deal on the essentials, right?
  • Gasoline. How awesome would it be if petroleum companies offered “BLACK FRIDAY” deals on fuel? I’d love to fill up my cars with premium gas for just $1 a gallon this weekend. I’d stock up, in fact!
  • Booze. If my favorite economy wine (Rex Goliath) went on sale for $5 for a (double) bottle – I’d buy 100 cases! That will never happen.
  • Property Taxes. Imagine if cities offered “pay up front” discounts for your already overwhelming quarterly ransom bills?
  • Same with utilities – like electricity, heating oil, natural gas or propane. They’ll never participate in “BLACK FRIDAY.”

All the most essential commodities of life will never get discounted. Only the utterly useless shit.

BLACK FRIDAY RETARDATION 720x384 - BLACK FRIDAY {Things you'll never see!}

Give a “BLACK FRIDAY” discount to your BANK ACCOUNT!

The best thing any and all of you can do – is give yourselves a 100% break on your bank account. BY NOT SPENDING A DIME.

Take this year to propagate a message to your friends and family: “We will not be participating in any Christmas gift-giving ever again!”

We’ve said in the past, that it is profoundly terrible to give gifts ever. With the exception of the innocent children – and their incredible happiness (and only for a few short years until you hammer this message into their supple minds).

Christmas (and other year-end religious holidays) should be reserved only for perhaps some occasional gatherings and good spirits (literally).

The consumerist accumulation of “things” should be shunned worse than cynics of today are.

There has to be a better way!

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Friday, November 24, 2017 11:36 pm

I can’t believe people still go nuts for television sets. That programming still has power over millions. Our TV is collecting big time dust. And we cannot be happier.

No doubt nothing we actually need will ever have a doorbuster sale. It is as clear as day where we are going!

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