Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

thanksgiving genocideHappy Thanksgiving” everyone!

As the years’ progress and societal trends evolve – each Thanksgiving takes a different shape for us.

From simply just following along with the ritual for whatever reason, to becoming warmed up to the basic ideas of truly giving thanks on this day – to peeling back the layers of what makes people do things in general – it’s fascinating to analyze.

The whole Thanksgiving holiday – at least from what we remember from our former MSM days – was the same cut and paste routine every year. Saying the obligatory words of appreciation, showing heart-warming visuals, the appropriate soundtrack, etc. As if life was literally a scripted sequence of events – year after year after year. Wash, rinse and repeat.

To not change or view things differently is a bad sign, honestly.

It means “they got ya!”

Thanksgiving is a national holiday

thanksgiving trafficRegardless of how this holiday was decreed or when – is practically irrelevant in 2017.

It is absolutely nothing meaningful today when you think about it.

A ritual that has been copied year after year – for centuries. Rooted at times long before the industrial revolution, when people found it prudent to “give thanks” for the blood, sweat, and tears they had to endure for simple survival.

Today, it’s simply a “thing.” A day off. Some minor inconveniences (banks closed, etc.) and some (forced) family gatherings, and so on.

Yet – almost everyone participates. They use the holiday as an anchor for their movement across the country. People make travel plans far in advance for this holiday. It has shaped our country for a very long time. And I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing per se, but that it’s just a “thing” that people do, and will continue doing for a long time – for whatever reason.

The whole concept of these holidays fascinates me to the Nth degree – because almost NO ONE I encounter ever thinks like I do. Such as “Well, why do we do it?” or “Why don’t we create our own personal holiday for ourselves?”

I guess this is one of those major instances where “Well, everyone else is doing it…” comes into play. That, plus the fact that almost everyone also has a common day off from their job (if they’re employed).

The “official” start of the holiday season

Another fascinating aspect of Thanksgiving is, that is is essentially the official start of the so-called holiday season. You know, Christmas.

Starting with “Black Friday.” Funny thing is, that “Black Friday” wasn’t really a big deal until about just 15 years ago. Combined with the internet – Black Friday Mayhem is very new when you think about it.

The hype machine had its day with Black Friday for a few solid gold years – but I’m happy to see that the buzz is wearing off. No one wants to deal with stupid crowds anymore.

In fact – did you know that one company (Amazon.com) will likely be responsible for ONE-THIRD of all Christmas shopping in 2017? That’s nuts! It was only like 20% last year! How did that happen?

If you’ve been to any “major” shopping mall in the past year (and remember malls from 20 years ago), it’s absolutely nothing like it was. A church mouse would be comfy in most American malls.

Who benefits from this Thanksgiving holiday?

With all the consumerism and lemming-like behavior surrounding Thanksgiving – who do you think scores the biggest points?

  • One sector is obviously the turkey farmers. Not sure how many millions of turkeys will be slaughtered for this ritual – but it’s mind-boggling to think about how many birds were raised just for the purpose of eating them on this day. I never really even liked turkey anyway. Too dry most of the time.
  • Retailers. This weekend is expected to be a do-or-die weekend for a lot of stores (online and brick-and-mortar). The hype-machine is always in full swing, along with the non-stop marketing propaganda.
  • Other food producers (potatoes, green beans, yams, etc.)
  • Alcohol distributors. Have you seen your local liquor store in the past week or two? They have twice the usual stock of typical holiday booze. They’re even stocking up on Champagne for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Alcohol consumption rises dramatically the last month of every year.

Here today, gone tomorrow

As the “traditional” holiday of Thanksgiving will be over and done with in a day – or perhaps after this weekend for those with overnight guests – come Monday morning – everyone will be back to their usual grinds.

That, plus perhaps an uptick of “holiday” spirit and mentality. Just four or five weeks left until the end of the year, the Christmas week, New Years, and we all flip the page towards 2018.

Perhaps you can see what I mean by the whole “wash, rinse, repeat” cycle of the holiday season each year.

For many – it may be considered “exciting” and so on. But it is my belief that for those who can think critically – it wouldn’t be healthy to have a “gung-ho” attitude each year. You’d be just a pawn for the machine.

But what about the children?

thanksgiving kidsA very interesting facet of these manufactured holidays and rituals is – how to manage the innocent minds that accompany many of us. You know, the kids.

You don’t want to be a “spoilsport,” but at the same time, you probably want to arm your offspring with quality skills and thinking-ability to guide them in their adult lives.

It’s a gray area that has to be handled tenderly in my opinion.

One way is to use Thanksgiving as a catalyst to teach children to be THANKFUL not just on Thanksgiving – but each and every MOMENT of EVERY day.

For the young kids out there – I would love to use this holiday as a learning opportunity. To tell them the truth. This day was created 500 years ago – and we’re doing it just because.

But to tell them that you should always be appreciative and honored to have good things.

Why by cynical about the holidays?

I’ve noticed a trend the past few years. People seem to shun cynicism.

It magically became a negative trait just recently.

We disagree.

Cynicism is a good thing. It enables people to question authority as well as other “mob mentality” aspects of life. I think it’s actually a survival trait. The fact that so many people are now so full of “happy, love, glee” and cannot mentally handle the last few remaining cynics out there is disturbing. It shows that people are devolving. Into lemmings.

We’re certainly not “buzz-kills” when it comes to these societal rituals – but in today’s overly technological world – we still like to have compelling discussions about life as we know it.

Something as simple as this Thanksgiving holiday should not be considered a taboo subject to have an opposing opinion about.

With so many people just stuck in this so-called “program,” I suspect it would be refreshing to dust the cobwebs off people’s minds – and ask them “well, why do you do this?” and “have you ever thought about doing it differently?”

If I can just get one person to join me in my cynical club – that would be a victory.

That said, “Happy Thanksgiving” once again.


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Thursday, November 23, 2017 10:54 pm

I totally see your point about the heartwarming visuals and feel good stories. I used to get all choked up about them. But I realize now it is all propaganda. Why we don’t watch TV news anymore either.

I prefer to hear real life good news instead. Which is far and few between.

Most real life stories we hear these days is how the government if F’ing everyone. From nonsensical tickets, to horrible court trials and other dumb crap.

The good news stories are coming from a place where they are manufactured for public relations. None of us ever get any of that Thanksgiving gravy.

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