Societal Manipulation

Societal Manipulation {what is driving or coercing people}

I’m someone who both “sits on the sidelines,” as well as “watches from their 30,000-foot perch,” and I’ve recently become a bit more concerned about the general theme of life as we see it.

As you might be aware – society has been subjected to overall manipulation for a long time. One prime example is “fear.” It was most prominently used by governments – to promote physical war – or other kinds of warfare (economic, etc.) against some other faction (i.e., country) in our history.

Other examples include health and medicine (i.e., HIV, heart attacks, skin cancer, etc.)

“Information” of one kind or another was disseminated via various outlets – and actions were soon taken after the fear propagated society. Sort of along the lines of “let no crisis go to waste” (whether manufactured or not.)

Brilliant and sickening at the same time. Brilliant because it works almost every single time. Sickening because of the same reason. Humans are flawed.

But that brings me to my next point…

societal manipulation

The “World Wide Web” introduced another level of complexity

Back in the “easy days,” society was easily manipulatable – because of the scarcity of information propagation. You had newspapers, radio stations, and a few select TV channels – to “get the word out.” So simple to corrupt and control.

That is why many wars were easy to engage in.

Today – things are different. There is (for the most part) an enormous “web” of connections between individuals. Email, instant chat, social media, websites, videos, etc. People today can connect profoundly more efficiently than ever before in human history.

You’d think the “truth” would make itself known across the board, right?


Misinformation, disinformation, all hell is breaking loose

When the “information superhighway” first started – things were different. People were actually spreading REAL, TRUE, HONEST information between themselves. But it didn’t take long for “TPTB” and other controlling interests to take notice. This was not good for the gate-keepers out there (you know what I mean).

Before long – the purity of the “information superhighway” became the equivalent of a muddy back road in some rural countryside.

There are a few noticeable things taking place nowadays… And in no particular order – here is what I am observing:

Today’s “main topics” are mind-numbing. Inclusiveness. LBGTXXYZ left right up and down. XXX Lives Matter. Protests. Angst. Charity.

  • Why are such minor topics (such as LBGTVRWPZ) getting such attention? Like “reports” about Corporate Equality?
  • How come there is more race divisiveness than ever before? Weren’t we on a road to recovery?
  • What about the stupid battle between the 99% and 1%? Why punish those who work hard and succeed? (Although we do understand that once people become wealthy and successful – they tend to have more influence and “power” even if they’re not part of any elected political office. (Story for another day.)
  • And have you noticed (at all) how “charity” is almost non-stop “IN YOUR FACE” these days? You cannot go a day without being bombarded by some kind of charity handout or dopey “5K run” for some kind of “non-profit.” Even in the checkout lane at the supermarket, they ask you to donate. Something is wrong with that!

Divide and Conquer is a proven tactic

Since the “WWW” has (for lack of a better term) “disarmed” the old-school TV channels and other retro outlets from the mighty power of influence they used to have – new methods have obviously been employed.

The “tried and true” divide and conquer methods are in play full-time these days.

Getting skin-colors to hate each other more than ever. Or sexual deviants to clamor for respect (or better yet turning more “modeling clay” humans into sexual deviants from the get-go). Or taking already beaten-down “citizens” to hate the wealthy. All of these muddy puddles surrounding us are not by accident in our belief. It’s on purpose.

All the big topics the general populous are frothing over – seem unnatural to us. Naturally – because we do NOT engage in the propaganda mechanisms that are out there today (MSM, social media – primarily).

Ask yourself honestly – do you think any of the big episodes that have happened in the past five years were TRULY grown organically? Or were they craftily “influenced” by a wealthy organization?

We’re not the only ones sick of this nonsense

The thing is – we’ve truly “unplugged” from the static that is consuming most of you.

We don’t look at MSM. We don’t scroll through social media feeds. We only look at print magazines to see what nonsense is creeping up.

But even as we try – we cannot escape the “smell” of the garbage festering through society around us. It’s inescapable. You cannot avoid becoming aware of the dopey things that people around here are doing, talking about, or engaging in.

It’s amazing, quite frankly.

The fact that a majority of these utterly retarded “big deal topics” are actually picking up ANY traction at all is mind-boggling to us.

There are others that feel the same way we do – but that “tribe” isn’t growing as fast as we’d like. It appears that more people are just like lemmings – following whatever treand is “in” today.

Societal pressure changes many people

I know several people who do things “just because.” They don’t offer any tangible reasons for the actions or behavior. They use cute phrases and sometimes even “copied and pasted” bullet points from the propaganda they ingested. Fascinating indeed.

However, some folks – when challenged by quality individuals like ourselves – do indeed offer some insight into their ways.

A few of our acquaintances have actually opened up and were honest with us regarding their actions. The most common answer was “they felt they had to.” Whether it was to fit into their social circles – or to not get ousted in some way. In other words – they were almost FORCED to partake in things they didn’t feel wholeheartedly for.

That sucks.

Exercises and tips for those who want a positive change {It’s good – you have to read!}

Your world is what you make it. And simply “reading” or “seeing” so-called “things” isn’t always enough. Especially with today’s garbage-disposal of information out there.

Here are a few things you can do to BENEFIT your life profoundly.

  • Our first tip is to “disconnect” as much as you can. The biggest and best advice is to entirely remove yourself from any and all mainstream media (MSM). That includes TV news and other trashy newspapers. Stop right now. Bad for the mind, body, and soul.
  • Next is to drastically curtail – or eliminate entirely – SOCIAL MEDIA. What was once a potentially beneficial human creation – has become a cesspool of degradation. It is without a doubt influencing everyone that partakes.
  • Distance yourself from densely-populated urban centers. You don’t have to “move out” per se – but limiting your interaction in the social scene is a start. Ideally, you’d want to find yourself in a secluded area where self-sufficiency is the norm.
  • Expose yourself to all opinions. This means reading publications that are the opposite of what you believe. Obviously, I’m suggesting that conservatives take a look at what the liberals are talking about. You need to see what nonsense they’re spewing to understand them better, it helps to be informed.
  • Prune your list of friends. Hopefully not just on “social media,” but in general. Treat your life as if your sole purpose was to create and raise good new people to populate the world. Not simply to “enjoy” the fruits of our existence. Spend more and more time alone with your thoughts. Figure it out. It’s not too hard.
  • Do not get involved in politics. Not in the way you think. There are better ways to create change in society.

We could go on and on – but I think you might get the point. If you haven’t – then I cannot help you. You’re lost until you figure it out on your own.

You gotta pay attention to the big picture, and who the big players are in this world we know. There are a lot of things going on around us that we have no idea what they’re about. Switches, levers, and mechanisms that are beyond our intimate knowledge. Lay low and start taking notes. Pay attention. Observe and contemplate all these little things happening day after day. It’s worth it.

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