Hoboken Parking Dude App {privacy}

Hoboken Parking Dude App {privacy}{lack thereof}

Here’s a heads up for anyone that uses the Hoboken Parking Dude app to “help” them find parking: YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS are FOR SALE.

The Parking Dude app is offering advertising which will provide your identity to said advertisers – IF YOU CLICK THEIR ADS.

Here is one option the Parking Dude is pitching to potential clients:

Banner AD: Placed at the bottom of the mobile app and is live and visible when the app is open and being used by the user. ($.50 a click with each user who clicks and we will send you the user’s name and email.)

(All options, the Parking Dude will surrender your identity to the paying advertiser.)

While I’m sure that is probably in the user agreement (which NO ONE reads, yet blindly agrees to), it’s still not right.

Users of the Parking Dude app should have the ability to OPT-OUT of providing their IDENTITY to other people WITHOUT THEIR SPECIFIC CONSENT.

Additionally – “accepting” the user agreement should not be as simple as saying “do you agree to the terms?” Because of the reason, we said – no one reads it. ANOTHER confirmation should pop up saying “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WE WILL GIVE UP YOUR IDENTITY FOR ANY AND ALL ADS YOU CLICK?”

That is why I hate having to “accept” legal documents like that. They take advantage of lazy idiots who hardly have the attention span to read a tweet, let alone a comprehensive LEGAL DOCUMENT.

Best bet if you use that parking app? NEVER EVER CLICK ANY OF THE ADS.

Hoboken Parking Dude app selling identity for money - Hoboken Parking Dude App {privacy}

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That is just not cool. More spam in my email, no thanks.