Helplessness Is Not a Virtue, Either

Helplessness Is Not a Virtue, Either

[411 Note: As a follow-up to a post here a couple weeks ago, entitled Cowardice is Not a Virtue. This brief commentary pisses on people who somehow take pride in the fact that they cannot defend themselves. How does that happen to a large swath of people?]

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By L. Rose
It still strikes me as odd when I see people expressing pride in the fact that they are not armed. As if that’s a virtue or a sign of moral superiority. They’re basically saying, “I’m just so noble and awesome because if armed thugs attack me or my family, I can’t do a damn thing about it!

I have to wonder, what other problems do they take pride in not being able to deal with? Maybe… “I am too wise and compassionate to own a fire extinguisher!” Or… “I would never be so primitive that I would possess the equipment or knowledge to change a flat tire!

Personally, I’m not all that great with plumbing, and I’m not all that knowledgeable about auto repair, but I also don’t brag about my lack of skills (and/or lack of equipment), as if it makes me somehow superior to plumbers and mechanics. So when did it become cool, and praise-worthy, to be a helpless victim of the aggressors and thugs of the world?

That’s all.

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