Town gossip is mainstream media

Town gossip is mainstream media

As we’ve “disconnected” from much of the commercialized mainstream media (MSM) over the past few years, it has allowed us to think about what this whole mechanism means. And after quietly being out in the open, looking at the stars, (sans social media), something made sense to us – town gossip is mainstream media (to an extent.)

But you just need to think about the evolution for a minute or five.

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What are news and media exactly?

When you “consume” (most) kinds of MSM “publications” to whatever degree – what are they giving you exactly?

“Information” (in quotes deliberately) about something.

Usually about people and what they did or said, and occasionally about something that happened (usually as a result of people). Other times, you get (real) information about some kind of uncontrollable event like a natural disaster. But almost instantly after that – you inevitably get “information” about things people did (like “helping,” or “charity” nonsense – it becomes a human issue almost right away.)

But what is “news?”

At some point – the “town gossips” got an upgrade.

You know what that was? THE PRINTING PRESS!

No longer did they have to rely on “word of mouth” anymore. The printing press gave them authenticity!

My guess is that either someone who was a big gossiper had a lot of money – or the other way around – some wealthy person (who owned such printing press) acquired these gossip hounds to give them information to print. Hence, the birth of the “reporter.”

Reporters equal gossipers, in general, is what we’re saying.

What next?

As the printing press evolved – it turned into BIG publications (that had a lot of people under a spell – because they “believed” it) – until the dawn of TELEVISION. All of a sudden – the town gossipers are now “mainstream media reporters!”

Back in the day – there were THREE Television channels – CBS, NBC, and ABC. That is exactly where you “supposedly” got your information from. Amazing, isn’t it? Almost everyone took EVERY LAST THING as a grain of truth. Odds are, that less than half was the actual truth. Most were likely propaganda and trickery.

The nearing of the cliff

social media town gossip - Town gossip is mainstream mediaFrom the 60’s to the late 90’s – “Mainstream media” was the king. You’d get your so-called “news” from these places.

But what was developing behind the scenes was social media and other social networks and blogs, etc.

And now late 2017 – the landscape has changed dramatically.

MSM is almost dead.

The number of people “jumping ship” from the “MSM” narrative is growing by the day. People do not trust them anymore – because they’ve been outed as FRAUDS. They are so used to being used as “narrative promoting” outlets – they do not know how to deal with themselves (as that was their bread and butter – and probably other nefarious things…)

However – the next problem on our hands is that EVERYONE is essentially a town gossiper (one-click too! Just re-tweet!)

The misinformation going forward will be such a pain in the neck – I can see why some of us think unplugging may be the sanest option.

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