Get that song out of my head! (11/10)

Get that song out of my head!

Continuing our “Get that song out of my head!” feature – which is stunting our productivity!

GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD NOWToday’s entry is without a doubt NOT a curse. It’s pretty much the entire latest album from Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool.

Regardless of their political opinions – Radiohead will always be one of my favorite recording artists. (Tip: If you like a particular group for whatever reason – it pays to probably avoid seeing anything they talk about.)

Here are two “live” versions from that album.

Radiohead – The Numbers

Radiohead – Present Tense

About “Get that song out of my head!”

A look at various songs that have the tendency for some people to get stuck in your head. Get that song out of my head is our way of forcing it out of our head, by all means necessary (until a new one comes around out of the blue).


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