Sandy Bandwagon

Sandy Bandwagon

sandy bandwagon hype - Sandy BandwagonIt’s been five years since a moderate flood “hit” Hoboken. That was post-tropical storm Sandy. They still call it “Superstorm Sandy.” It was, at one point Hurricane Sandy – but it came ashore in the tri-state area as a fairly typical storm, but it was coupled with high-tide as well as a full moon. That is essentially what made it “super” in any regard. It was just bad timing. And quite rare, and very unlikely to happen again in our lifetimes.

That, and the fact that people think they can live near low-lying areas and expect their entire lives to be without weather phenomenon. It’s akin to saying to anyone that lives near 100-foot trees and acting astonished when one falls on their home.

However, one thing gets our goat. The city had a “5-year anniversary” event yesterday.

They didn’t do it for you. Someone benefited. “CUI BONO?” is your assignment.

The Hoboken Historical Museum invites residents and visitors to an open-house event to come together as a community to reflect on Superstorm Sandy and the 5-year anniversary. The event will take place on Sunday, October 29th from 2pm to 5pm at the Hoboken Historical Museum, located at 1301 Hudson Street.

Residents and visitors are invited to view Sandy-related materials, sign the museum’s 5-year anniversary reflection book, and enjoy hot beverages and desserts together. The Turquoise Cup, a pottery craft studio from the Monroe Center that recently fully reopened after being hard-hit by Superstorm Sandy, will also be providing children and adults with the opportunity to create their own pottery artwork.

hurricane sandy bandwagon rolls on 720x393 - Sandy Bandwagon

As you see events like this crop up time after time (such as 9/11 events) – do you question them?

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