The best life

The best life

All of us in some fashion or another, strive to have the best life.

To us, the “best” life means being content, happy and satisfied.

However, to the rest of the world – the best life often means superficial things, looks, or material belongings. All without understanding what that all means in the big picture of life.

Complicated life?

I often wonder about how complicated people make their lives. Things to do, people to see, hustling to be had, busy, busy, busy!

There are even “successful” people (on paper) who live frenetic lives filled with non-stop action.

But is that good? Will life pass you by and then just end one day? Maybe some folks don’t care about that. Maybe they just became that way for whatever reason (parents, peers, society).

Perhaps contemplating life in a still manner is not in their deck of cards. It’s possible they’re the minority, yet many people still compare themselves solely due to the perceived successes and “stuff” (as George Carlin eloquently said here:)

Or a simpler life?

Then there are folks who take the Buddhist “Zen” approach or live life like monks.

The less you have to juggle – the deeper and more spirited your life can be?

Less bills to pay, spaces to clean, things that can go wrong. More time to meditate, and just “BE.”

For many, this is utopia. There are people I know who have very little material possessions, and fill their lives with experiences and places as well!

I’ll tell you this much – your life on social media won’t mean squat at the end.


In the end – we do not last forever. How many people sit there at the end of it all and remember the new gadgets they acquired, or “hot body” they had when they were young? Not many.

Most people as they bid farewell – usually focus on family and friends. The immaterial human aspect of existence. Love, happiness, and well-being.

Those basic human tendencies are being drowned out these days. Despite the “feel good” nature of consumerism and charity – most folks we observe are missing something inside. A connection that isn’t being met.

If more people focused on true love and compassion, with more patience and dedication – I think the world would be a better place.

Instead – most people are blindly caught up in the shallow nature of what has been created for us. They don’t know how beneficial it is to just “let go” of the crap that has been consuming them for most of their lives.

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