Modern Prison

Modern Prison {your “smart” phone}

Stumbled across this image the other day – and cannot think of a better example of how society is circling the drain than this.

The vast majority of everyone (no matter the age, class, gender, or race) is heads-down on their phones at almost all times. Nothing good can come from this other than those who profit from it.

However, we feel terrible for children growing up in this culture.

When practically EVERYONE is doing this, the same will be true for the kids.

While they may very well attain tremendous expertise at this Orwellian technology, or even a decent amount of wealth – they will be without organic, human-being traits. Almost everything in their lives will be “connected” to something they want or need via that device. That is absolutely tragic.

I raise my glass for any parents who are hell-bent on raising their kids the old-fashioned way.

modern prison cell phone post 667x500 - Modern Prison

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