Media Over Hype

Media Over Hype

We’ve mentioned previously about the ludicrous nature of the so-called “protests” that are happening around our country.

If you only watch “mainstream” (MSM) media – the so-called protests appear to be a big deal, and all about important stuff and angry people. The framing of almost all the videos makes them appear more dramatic than they really are.

If you take a look at alternative media – you’ll see a different picture. You’ll see something that just looks unnatural in all aspects. You see the bigger picture and realize how convoluted it all is.

Take a look at this video (it’s over 14 minutes – an “EON” for those used to 30-second clips on TV). But it will get you to a better place. A place, hopefully, that has you not giving a crap about nonsense peddled on the “narrative channels.”

media over hype 720x387 - Media Over Hype

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