Why social media should be avoided

Why social media should be avoided

[411 Note: I seriously do not see any long-term benefit for being on social media. Especially when you get “comfortable” enough to do stupid shit. Man oh man, just keep your words either in person or to yourself. Anyway – below is an yet another article quoting social media assholes and their opinions. Circling the drain, I tell ya!]

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* Caution: Some Viewers May Find The Following Footage Disturbing *

A video of a group of teenagers screaming “F*** N******” one after the other has surfaced on Instagram. The teens, who were sitting in their car when the video was captured, appear to be cheerleaders at Weber High School in Pleasant Valley, Utah.

Though sources indicate the girls quickly apologized for their video, the damage appears to already be done.

The blowback has been nearly instantaneous with much of it coming directly from classmates:

The girls were quickly identified and revealed to the internet:

*Editor’s Note: A photo appearing to show the girls with their names was originally posted by user “whitchy” but has since been removed*

Even offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers Chris Hairston weighed in:

And as you may have expected, there are always two sides to the story.

As for what happens next for these girls?

[411 Footnote: Should I remind you? Just get off social media and stop trying to vie for attention. You’ll be a LOT better off if you were someone NOBODY cared about instead of being the focal point of attacks after something you stupidly said or filmed online. READ A FUCKING BOOK OR TEN FOR GOD’S SAKE!]

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