Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown {Gone Wild in 2017}

As we watch society every day – combined with the trends we’ve noticed over the past couple decades, we’re convinced that most of us are in the midst of a communication breakdown.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that as people (with their technology) are actually going in reverse. All these new things, as great as they appear superficially – are hindering the human race.

But let’s just take a simple step or two back.

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Communication then and now

As little as 15-20 years ago – the options we all had in our communication toolboxes were relatively limited.

In person. Postal mail. Telephone. Email. Text messages were still kind of new. Online chats were big too (AIM – soon to be gone, and Yahoo! Messenger.) Cell phones were primitive and more costly (due to potential overages and limits in terms of the text messages you can send, etc.)

Fast forward to today, and Ho Le Fuk, the options have expanded considerably – and mostly via “smartphone:” Any and all social media (Facebook, Twitter), Snapchat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Pinterest, Instagram, Viber, Line, and there are countless others.

To a small number of people out there – these new platforms are foreign to them. But to the majority of others (especially younger people), having a “presence” on most of them is almost mandatory for social validation. In other words, you’re “nobody” if you’re not full-scale involved in the top 10 or top 20 platforms. Heck, suicides among young people are on the rise – and almost always have something to do with some kind of social issue – that, and pharma meds – but that is a discussion for another day.

Don’t you think that has consequences?
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Over-communicating – how does that benefit society?

I’ll preface this section with the obligatory “Yes, in some rare instances, there are benefits to the myriad of communication outlets. Some helpful information can surface, etc…” But I’ll say with confidence – that the negatives strongly outweigh the positives. Like in the way a broken clock is accurate twice a day.

Some of the main problems we have with the multitude of platforms out there in 2017 are the time and attention deficits.

SO much time is spent on these platforms that I think it hinders us (collectively) as people.

If you have to switch between a dozen “apps,” or get continually notified 100’s of times per day because of your Pavlov’s Dog slab of silicon – at what point do you say “what am I doing with my time?”

How does sending stuff back and forth to people really benefit anyone?

What are people sharing anyway? Most of the time it’s entertaining or fun things back and forth. Haha’s and LOL’s. Gossip or other ridiculous and useless crap.

The number of people I see just tapping away on these devices makes me wonder what is it they exactly do in their lives?

Lack of truly alone time – do we know what will happen?

being alone is perfectly okay - Communication BreakdownThis is another interesting thought we have. Primarily because there isn’t much precedent.

With all the non-stop “connecting” and “communicating” a good majority of people have been doing for about the past 15-20 years (and especially the past 3-6 years), what effect will that have long-term?

We frequently visit many parks and other nice places (like trails and lakes) in NJ. Just to have quiet time or decompress from the world. We do not bring anything at all. Not even a camera. Or a pad and pencil either!

But it’s become alarming for us. Because almost each and every single person that passes us by (regardless of age group, location, etc.) is interacting with their phone.

Isn’t it healthy to be alone with yourself, your thoughts, and whatever environment you’re in?

How did this phone become almost mandatory for almost everyone at all times?

Are we that frickin’ weak as a species?

If your mind is continually being manipulated by your device – doesn’t that change you internally? How healthy can that be?

I observed something fascinating last week. A father and son went for a walk around the lake at this park I sat down at. For an entire hour and a half, they were milling around – but were heads-down doing something on their phones. Both of them. The whole entire time. I came really close to asking what they were doing but didn’t want to bother them. I suspect it was some location-based app (possibly Pokemon or similar). And while I tried to find some good (i.e., they were outside moving around), the fact that they were “connected” to this fake digital “life” just made me feel bad.

Conclusion: Addiction, Human Psychology, Profit

The obvious dependency for this new technology and methods of communicating is both interesting and disturbing at the same time. It is clear as day that this current platform everyone is on is making some people quite wealthy.

Someone benefits financially with all these communication platforms. About the only ways left to communicate that don’t result in profit for someone else are in-person, and snail mail.

The smartphone phenomenon – coupled with the fact humans are easily swayed – should be a priority for each and every one of you to understand. But you have to step outside of the circus for a lengthy period to see what is happening. And almost all of you are unwilling to give it up, so that will not happen anytime soon.

One of my big concerns is what happens to humanity if this technology just went away one day?

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