Hoboken411 Week in Review – 10.29.2017

Hoboken411 Week in Review – October 29, 2017

Hoboken411 Week in Review October 29 2017 720x388 - Hoboken411 Week in Review - 10.29.2017

Below are a some posts published on Hoboken411 the week ending Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hoboken411 Posts:

  • Upcoming: Don’t forget the annual Hoboken Halloween Bar Crawl! Ladies seem to lose their inhibitions, that’s for sure!
  • Here: The upcoming Hoboken Mayoral Race is dreadful, especially considering the lame new “law” that says someone with 5% of the vote can represent 100% of you. Plus, is there really an emergency at Church Square Park? And remember, Hoboken is the Birthplace of Cookie Cutter!
  • People: Any sane person would laugh their socks of at The Top 20 Fears of Millennials. And how many of you think of the concept of Authoritarianism?
  • Zero Depth: As we traverse life – we get more and more dismayed by the utter superficiality of it all.
  • Health or Hype?: Never stop questioning what the whole “organic” movement is all about. Always follow the cash.

Wake-up quote of the Week:

being alone does not make you lonely 720x365 - Hoboken411 Week in Review - 10.29.2017

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