Hoboken Birthplace of Cookie Cutter

Hoboken Birthplace of Cookie Cutter {CONDOS!}

Anyone with the ability to “look around,” can see that each and every new building that goes up does a few things:

  • They add to the density (and flooding) of Hoboken.
  • The designs are uninspiring and mind-numbing.
  • Built for maximum density and profit.
  • Trick every dopey resident into thinking it’s “better” for some frickin’ stupid reason.

But who is speaking out?

We are.

cookie cutter condo birthplace hoboken NJ - Hoboken Birthplace of Cookie Cutter

Everyone bitches about everything – except what the can see for themselves!

This is what gets my goat.

All these loud-mouths everywhere (either online or in person) bitch and moan about this and that – but they RARELY mention the fact that Hoboken is and has been steadily INCREASING IN DENSITY year after year after year!

Whatever puppet “mayor” is in office is not significant at this point. Other than the fact that each and every puppet “mayor” has been in the pockets of each and every developer on planet earth.

It is apparent by just looking around. Building after building – along with the crappy rhetoric about “sustainability” and “infrastructure!” Is everyone so thick-headed NOT to see the total hypocrisy?

Each press release sent out by city hall about “sustainable living” and “flood control” seems to be accompanied by (no press releases) of a dozen new buildings going up across town! Who doesn’t see that?

It makes the critical thinker say, “What they’re saying at city hall contradicts what is happening within Hoboken! What The F are they talking about?”

Wake up, people. The words out of city hall are garbage and are meaningless. Even if a massive flood wall goes up – someone will get screwed. It will happen. Unless, of course, someone follow my “giant dome” plan.

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