Church Square Park Health Emergency

Church Square Park Health Emergency

A Hoboken411 reader had this to say about our “world class” park in the center of town, Church Square Park:

CHURCH SQUARE PARK DOG RUN – HEALTH AND SAFETY EMERGENCY – The largest and most used dog park in Hoboken has lost almost all of its gravel and, as a result, when the dogs run and play, potentially toxic dust, surely filled with fecal and urine residue, is thrown into the air, where it is breathed in by the animals, their owners and by all the children playing in the park.

In one large swath, water does not drain but remains in filthy little pools. After every playtime in the park the dogs are caked with crud if they’ve rolled in the pooled water, and/or with so much dust embedded in their coats, it comes out in clouds with a little pat of the hand. A bath is a must after every outing in the park. The underlying membrane, exposed and torn in many places on the surface, is a tripping hazard for animals and their owners.

The immediate temporary remedial action is required in the form of a gravel dump, which should be followed total reconstruction with new subsurface, membrane and a more animal-friendly, durable surface.”

I guess the city is too focused on bike lanes and curb bumps to be concerned with things like, you know, toxic dust and remediation! Spending money to keep things in order is not something they’re capable of.

church square park health emergency

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