Hoboken Mayoral Race {RESULTS}

Hoboken Mayoral Race taken by Bhalla

According to the machine tally in Hoboken tonight – Ravi Bhalla has “won” the election. Along with Council At-Large candidates James Doyle, Emily Jabbour and Vanessa Falco.

(Vote by mail and provisional ballots not counted yet.)

ravi bhalla hoboken mayoral race winner 2017

(Bhalla dreams of the next sack of gov’t money in his hands.)

Amazing Hoboken loves professional pay to play candidates!

It took Bhalla, who is a professional gov’t teet-sucker, a lot of money to influence the election.

According to 2nd place candidate Mike DeFusco:

Over the last few weeks, a pro-development Super PAC supporting Ravi Bhalla has spent over $50,000 to influence our local election.

It’s important to look at why this pro-development Super PAC, “Stronger Foundations Inc.” is supporting Ravi Bhalla. The PAC is funded by the Operating Engineers labor union, a group with a vested interest in continued residential overdevelopment in Hoboken. The union is a staunch supporter of the NJ Transit Hoboken Yards redevelopment plan to build massive residential towers in our southwest, and Ravi Bhalla voted for the plan in 2014.

During the same year he voted for the plan, Bhalla’s law firm was paid over $160,000 by NJ Transit, the same entity that owned the land where the towers would be built. It’s an obvious conflict of interest and an ethics complaint has been filed to determine whether Bhalla’s vote broke state law.

I always wonder how these guys win. Do they get sympathy votes because of their minority status? Did Hoboken only care about having the “first” Sikh mayor in NJ? Who knows.

I guess a good gag t-shirt for him this Christmas would be: “TWO THIRDS of Hoboken didn’t want me – but I’m still mayor!”


Here are the machine tallies for your perusal. Have fun the next four years!

Hoboken Mayoral Election Results (machine only)

Hoboken Mayoral Election 2017 Results machine vote tally only

Hoboken Council Election Results (machine only)

Hoboken Council Election 2017 machine vote tally only

Hoboken Mayoral Race and City Council At-large election 11/7/2017

Today is yet another Hoboken Mayoral election along with three “at large” city council candidates.

It’s the same crap recycled every four years – especially with those retarded “midnight fliers” which probably have never been proven effective once ever. This year had the whole “racist” hate speech flavor of the moment. In four more years, it’ll probably be anti-transgender. The whole “insider” crap is weak. While the world of “political operatives” might be interesting to those on the inside – I think it’s safe to assume that the whole thing is a waste of time for the 99.9% of the rest of us. A minor distraction and attempt to make some people “poor victims.” Blah.

We truly don’t give a rat’s behind who “wins.” I’m more curious to see how the Hoboken voting public can differentiate between true political SCUM and honest, caring candidates (if there are still any left…)

While the reality of having a very small percentage of the Hoboken population determine who represents everyone is moronic – the one saving grace is that you won’t need to listen to these pompous talking heads anymore afterward.

Hoboken Mayoral Race 2017


We’re not running for mayor of Hoboken. Would never even have half an ounce of desire to do so.

However, what the outgoing don Zimmer “administration” has done is create a slop-fest in terms of local government elections.

The “stress” of a run-off election (you know, where a MAJORITY of voters pick the winner) was TOO MUCH for these pansies – and they eliminated that long-standing tradition. Now, you can have 20 candidates – and the person with like 5.1% of the vote can actually be “elected” to represent the ENTIRE CITY.

What will the outcome be in this insane-asylum Hoboken Mayoral election?

So there are six candidates running. Let us do a ballpark prediction on the outcome:

(1) I’d be surprised if more than 50% of registered voters turn out. But you never know.

(2) Three of the six candidates probably will not get more than 25% of the total vote combined. Maybe 30% if some trickery is involved. That would be:

– Anthony Romano
– Ronald Bautista
– Karen Nason

(3) That would leave the remaining 70-75% or so to be divvied up between:

– Mike DeFusco
– Jen Giattino
– Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla (God help you all if this liberal looney runs Hoboken into the river).

So with that scenario – it’s quite possible that someone with 26% (or less) of the vote can be “elected” to represent the entire city – including the 74% THAT DID NOT VOTE FOR THEM. The most ass-backward way of handling democracy in the world. Heck, back when it was a two-candidate run-off, at least the “majority” of people chose.

But you never know with emotional voting tendencies these days. Imagine one of these people actually gets over 50%? I highly doubt it – but stranger things have happened.

hoboken mayoral race candidates 2017 Hudson County NJ

If Hoboken411 ran for Mayor – these are our thoughts

If you want to pencil us in – I’d be honored. But I’d prefer someone who wants to run in an official capacity.

This would be my initial campaign statement. Just write in “Hoboken411.com” as the candidate. Regardless of the so-called bean-counting laws – if we got the most number of votes – I would be allowed to knock some sense into this fledgling city of bike-lanes and chain stores.

Without further adieu:

Hoboken411 For Mayor Says:

We have backed away from “insider politics” on Hoboken411.com for a reason. The sheer lunacy and idiocy of it all aren’t even worth “debating” with a straight face.

If we held the position of Mayor, our gut instinct first move would be to “drain the swamp” as it has been said in federal politics.

Get rid of these swamp dwellers and figure out a way to:

  1. Clean the (political) system of its filth, corruption, and teet-sucking.
  2. Bring sensible and pragmatic people in who can have (realistic) conversations about realistic possibilities – not pipe dreams of European markets, bike sharing, train station utopias and such.
  3. Remind the “constituents” that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that expectations should be quelled. Like yesterday. People want to create the perfect environment overnight without understanding the complex dynamics involved with cities.
  4. Start with sensible BASIC house-cleaning. Involving infrastructure. Long-term financial issues. Tax overhead (i.e., pensions #1) then maybe figure out a way to get Hoboken higher on the county pecking order. Streamline the government overhead. Give some responsibility BACK to property owners. Stop being a nanny-state.
  5. STOP talking about flooding. And stupid draconian flood walls. IT WILL ALWAYS FLOOD. Use whatever money that comes in NOT to “react” to big, bad, flooding – but to solve the fiscal problems first and foremost. Hoboken is low-lying and will always be at risk. People need to accept that the same as ocean-front property owners. What makes Hoboken area residents deserving of a quarter-billion dollars in funding? What next? Build a flood wall around each and every continent on Earth?
  6. Whatever else – residents and constituents need a stern, matter-of-fact “Father” running Hoboken – NOT a nanny, coddling, baby-sitter-like limp-wristed weakling that caters to ANYONE that bitches on social media and gets more than a handful of “re-tweets.” That is one of the major problems with anyone in upper-level management. They FEAR social mob movements. What happened to people that just say, “SO WHAT – I’M IN CHARGE – YOU WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT? RUN FOR MAYOR!”

Regardless – this is where we are (at the moment). Thanks partially to millennials and their overly-sensitive indoctrination.

Some campaigns are so pie in the sky!

I’m sure you saw DeFusco’s nifty idea about putting a market in the train station. But that should be left up to the free, capitalistic market – NOT a Mayoral candidate. It’s like they’re campaigning on CAR OPTIONS instead of functionality.

  • “We need more bike lanes”
  • “We need more safe parks”
  • “We need more markets”
  • “We need quiet neighborhoods

Is the same as saying…

  • “We need more plush leather seating”
  • “We need a 12-speaker sound system”
  • “We need auto-massaging seats with heat and cooling”
  • “We need voice-navigation!”

Instead of saying “we need an affordable and reliable car that will last a long time.”

You see what I’m saying? – these political talking points are FAR FROM practical – but more idealistic and HEAD IN THE CLOUDS! Talking about “wants” instead of desperate NEEDS. Basic ones, in fact!

And as of late – they’re “mudslinging” each other with allegations of misconduct that are not conducive to an elected position of authority.

So I’m not confident in any of these candidates at this point (and have always been disgusted by Bhalla). But I do like the business-minded approach that Karen Nason takes – which is along similar lines to how Trump destroyed the narrative last November, but her campaign could be a lot stronger and better-managed.

Frankly, maybe Dave Roberts should come back?

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tom tat

That’s crazy that you can run a city when 2/3rd’s of the voters didn’t want you to. DeFusco would have beaten him in a runoff.


Mayoral debate: Stevens Institute, October 25, 7pm:


Now would be a good time to remember each and every other debate, mayoral, gubernatorial, presidential that you watched. And how many promises were empty and never fulfilled. Don’t listen to their words as if they’re gospel. Get to know them a better way than their carefully rehearsed talking points.