Hoboken Farms Low Sodium Sauce

Hoboken Farms Low Sodium Sauce {NEW!}

Many of you already enjoy the award-winning tomato sauces from our very own Hoboken Farms.

From the original Big Red, and relatively recent newcomers like Big Basil, etc., Hoboken Farms sauces simply taste home-made! It’s because of their simple ingredients and small batch making process.

Hoboken Farms just introduced their new Low-Sodium sauce. It contains a little less than half the sodium than their original Big Red sauce.

Hoboken Farms Low Sodium Marinara Sauce 720x405 - Hoboken Farms Low Sodium Sauce

What’s the big deal with low-sodium stuff anyway?

Well, for whatever reasons, some people cannot tolerate a lot of sodium. We won’t get into the reality of it, as it’s too convoluted.

We will say, however, that you really ought to understand the differences between ordinary refined “table salt” versus “sea salt.” One reason I’d personally recommend the low-sodium version of ANY packaged good – is if they use any processed salts.

Hoboken Farms sauces all use natural ingredients – and sea salt is in ALL of their sauces – which is actually beneficial to your health.

So the only reason I’d ever personally choose the low-sodium version is if I found their other sauces to taste too salty.

But the sauce is still very flavorful but more subtle on the tongue.

You just cannot go wrong with any of their varieties. (Oh, and Christmas is coming – these make GREAT gifts!)

Available at supermarkets everywhere, including Shoprite, Kings and Whole Foods.

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