Humans are flawed

Humans are flawed {beyond belief!}

As you read about or experience life – and all the good and bad things that come along with it – human tendency much of the time is to attempt to “solve” whatever problem that may be. However, “solving” problems within humanity most often turns out ugly, with bad results. Look at the millions of people who have senselessly died over the years. Each time I delve into my own personal solutions – I end up at a dead end. My conclusion is always, “Well, humans are flawed.”

Think about that for more than a second, if you can muster up the mental energy to allow a “concept” or idea to sink in. C’mon, give it a try!

Our species – as a whole – despite our self-proclaimed knowledge and intelligence, our advancements and achievements – still has some kind of major mental flaw that holds us back from wholehearted betterment.

It is so difficult to pin down exactly why such horrible things happen to the brilliant people we proclaim to be.

We have scientists and psychologists who try to figure it all out. And still, in 2017, with the computing power we have, and the vast treasure chest of so-called “information,” it seems we’re no closer to solving the quagmire of “why can’t we all get along” whatsoever. In fact, it may even appear that our divide is getting worse (as a species).

Look at this ludicrous video of protesters bitching about something:

So what is it exactly? What is wrong with “us?”

Like I said above, I highly doubt anyone can pin it down on anything. My conclusion is that this is our “defect” as a species. Perhaps it’s because we have “advanced” mental capacity that has not been fine-tuned enough yet. Maybe it’ll take another thousand or two years to work that out. Heck, we’re fairly early in our supposed “evolution” anyway, right?

But what are some examples of our flawed behaviors anyway? Here are a few strictly off the top of my head as I write this piece in the wee hours of the morning…

►► Economy & Money – I honestly believe this control mechanism of our so-called financial system might be one of the main reasons why we have such problems in this world. The FIAT money system sounds good on paper – but it is rigged, and holds many people back.

►► Industrialization & Monopolies – The models for businesses have played a huge role as a select few companies become essentially monopolies. Both good and bad, because scale provides economic benefits – but at the same time eliminates most competition.

►► Control & Laws – This essentially means “government.” The vast majority (over 90%) have relinquished thier power because of the fear “big brother” has over them. The “laws” that have been established (and pretty much accepted as fact) by the populous without revolt or disregard. You can say that we’ve voluntarily allowed this because it may make sense on paper. But watch as this power grows greater than it is supposed to…

►► Education & Indoctrination – This is more government mandated bullshit. To “force” YOUR children into what amounts to indoctrination camps – is downright sickening. Yet most people accept this as a fact of life. Read for a healthy dose of reality.

►► Class & Status – The economy we’ve allowed has effectively created large camps of people. Have’s and Have-not’s I guess. But people still define their pecking order in this world based on what they have or how much they earn.

►► Commercialism & Consumerism – This is part marketing (read Edward Bernays to get a good insight into why), and part ego. Goes along with class and status.

►► Ego & Evil – The human ego may possibly be the main culprit in terms of what is the most important aspect of why humans are flawed. The ego is a strange entity – and often can change what you thought were quality people – into nasty monsters. Look at any politician from the time they first gained office – and a decade or two or more later. They become evil people. Giving “power” to anyone like that is just plain horrible. This is why we strongly believe that political offices should be severely limited. Look at dopes like John McCain for prime examples. However, we’re torn about what to do if there were actually quality (honest) politicians that ever surfaced. How do you keep the good and discard the bad or ineffective?

►► Disparity (Equality and lack of effort) – Another part of our garbage economic system is – that even though many people “work hard,” (i.e, janitors or fast food workers), their hours are not worth as much as a desk-jockey who makes good financial trades without breaking a sweat. Some might say “brain power” pays more than physical labor. But ask why septic tank cleaners don’t get paid minimum wage, and you find yourself in a quagmire.

►► Envy – All the differences out there cause people to become jealous, envious, and often vicious because other people have more superficial crap than them. Envy, along with ego are all parts of the human flaws. No wonder they’re part of the Seven Deadly Sins.

►► Slothiness & Entertainment – More deadly sins. Many folks, regardless if they’re financially secure or not – just want to be entertained, and have no desire to put effort into their continuing survival as human beings. Shoot, this “luxury” used to be reserved for the top kings of the land. Nowadays, everyone just wants to lounge around like kings and queens while they get fed grapes and fanned by servants.

►► Misinformation & “divide and conquer”The “news” is something you should not watch. Most often it’s fake, and even when “true,” it contains sprinkles of fake. It gets people riled up for someone else’s cause. Look at the above video and wonder how these lemmings got their ideas and beliefs. Personal experience? Or news and social cesspool?

►► Religion – This is way too big a nut to crack here. But our collective “why are we here?” fascination is one of the oldest reasons why we still kill and maim one another. But think about the religious “icons” who sit on top, ask yourself “cui bono?” and follow the money to find some juicy answers.

Why why-why?

I’ll go back to a point in the above list. One of the main causes of human de-volution is the automation of the world. Do the math in your head. Think through what all this “modernity” has done for us as the human species. It’s contributed to a lot of the bullet points above.

If you want brilliant insight into why this is fueling the major issues with humanity – you have to find it in yourself to read Technology Slavery. It’s a taboo subject – but worth a read (or a re-read if you saw it in the papers 20+ years ago.)

How to “undo” it?

Many of my theories suspect that there is no civil or sensible way to “undo” what has happened to society.

While I’d love everyone to just “get it” and collectively figure out how to ground ourselves and be good to one another – I just don’t know of a single way to make that happen peacefully.

Too much has transpired – too much history has gone by – and way too much “revisionist history” has plugged the brains of unsuspecting people.

My fear is that the way to “undo” it parallels everything else in history: Violent revolution and death.

But the sad part is – despite all the uprisings in our history – it did not improve the prognosis. It just brought in new puppets with new messages only to lead to similar outcomes down the line.

Which brings me back to my original point. Humans are flawed.

More realistically, perhaps, is that HUMANS ARE PERMANENTLY FLAWED.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017 1:42 am

Instincts. We are animals. We want to be led – by leaders who appear to be able to best provide what we want – sociopaths. Leaders of the packs are sociopathic beasts willing to fight and kill any other animal that challenges them, even their own offspring. Then the pack follows them because they provide protection and territory.
It’s pretty simple really, just plow through all the psycho-babble and accept that we are animals and always will be and you can’t change that no matter how hard you try.
Well, maybe at some point in our evolution we will reach a avalanche like trigger point and things might change. There really is always hope.

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