Bike lane control

Bike lane control in Hoboken

I could go on and on about the bike lane control mechanisms that take place not only in Hoboken but across the globe as well.

Let’s think about the concept of bike lane control for a moment.

We’ve said in the past – that “protected” bike lanes are not safe when you think about it. They offer zero PHYSICAL protection for bicyclists.

In fact – they give most numbskull bikers a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY!

Paint does not protect you from anything whatsoever.

It’s like a “NO RAPE ZONE” sign protecting slutty broads from attack. In other words: useless. (except for politicians and other “activists” who get their kicks by imposing their views on society.)

Sure, some “studies” say that drivers of multi-ton vehicles may be more “careful” when there are certain “paint stripes” on the road. But that doesn’t “solve” the problem. Especially since MOST motorists nowadays are HEADS DOWN on their social media slabs NOT PAYING ATTENTION ANYWAY!

bike lane control hoboken NJ how safe are they

We survived without nanny bike lane paint – what is different today?

When I grew up – I rode my bike everywhere. There was NEVER a bike lane or anything like it anywhere.

I’m still here.



I survived because I wanted and needed to.

I did not need a nanny to tell people how to behave. Heck, I rode my bike in the wee hours with NO reflective gear, no helmet, and no seizure-inducing blinking lights. How is that possible?

Something has created this “fear” in the public. And I don’t like it one bit.

The protection feeling has to stop

Look at that area by Maxwell Place. It was already SO SAFE and pleasant – that it NEVER needed this nanny paint.

You could TAKE A NAP on that strip of the road without every worrying about the danger from a car. Even at night!

Why did they feel the need to do that?

In fact – they even allowed landscapers (or whatever contractor that was) to park RIGHT IN the bike lane! I can imagine the outrage.

Doesn’t anyone shake their heads and wonder why our society has become so “pussified?” (for lack of a better word).

It bugs me to no end to witness the degradation of character and strength these days.

bike lane control hoboken nj not so safe

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tom tat
tom tat
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 8:56 pm

Thank you for this refreshing discussion. There are almost no publications that at the very least question what all of this means. Simple bike lanes twenty years ago were not intrusive to cars. Nowadays, they take over the roads with their bikes. Can’t wait until it snows.

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