This is a neighborhood

This is a neighborhood {what good does a sign do?}

A whole bunch of readers have contacted us regarding this obnoxious sign that had been installed on First Street in the past month. It said:

“This is a neighborhood keep the party and noise inside!”

A couple noteworthy residents chimed in and noted:

  • “How come there isn’t one on every damn block? People don’t even notice this, or care!”
  • “Do they think this will truly make a difference?”

There were many more along the same lines.

However – we think this “sign” is VISUAL POLLUTION and insulting to anyone that lives or visits Hoboken, NJ.

Most sensible residents must think: “Wow, my FAT property tax bill pays for this “NANNY” sign telling people how to behave? Call the Realtor – we’re heading out of here!”

It is clear as day that as time progresses, these liberal governments are getting out of control – in their attempts to control other people. You want bars, apartments, retail and all sorts of other stuff to feed the tax coffers at City Hall – but they are unable to deal with the consequences. Some squeaky wheel a-hole complains, threatens a particular voting bloc – and all of a sudden “they respond” with something stupid like this.

On another note – ANY A-HOLE that moves to a densely-populated city with bars and alcohol – HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. Move the hell out if you value peace and quiet!

I’d love it if we pooled our money to buy one of these over-priced digital signs – to put in front of city hall, with messages like:

  • “ONLY 25% of the people voted for you, don Zimmer! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”
  • “Sissies and weaklings go home! Hoboken used to be fun until you scumbags became adults!”

I could come up with 100 more – but I’m tired and don’t give a crap. We have better things going on these days anyway!

(FYI – if everyone carried guns – we’d have a lot fewer problems than we do today!)

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