On donations…

On donations…

Here is some food for thought for you this weekend… on donations.

Whether it be for “charity” or to “aid” some victims of some kind of natural disaster – we feel there is something very peculiar about the whole act. And more notably in recent years as social media and the internet have “sped up” the response.

[Disclaimer: We are not against helping one another. Never. Especially not one-to-one. But we feel some trickery gets lost in the sauce of humanitarian efforts, particularly the major “organizations.”]

Anyway – it seems that whenever there is some kind of “sad” or bad thing that happens, in particular, the recent hurricanes that flooded and damaged the south (i.e., Texas, Florida, etc.)

Almost instantly, the charities are front and center. Such as the American Red Cross, United Way, UNICEF and countless others.

However, like other charities (American Cancer Society and hundreds of others), reports of bad things surface quite often. From the ineptitude (mismanagement of funds) to outright theft.

Yet those “reports” seem short-lived and BURIED unless you do a deep web search for it. The “media” certainly does not focus on it – as those types are major contributors.

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Corruption is everywhere

I guess my point is – that where there is an opportunity for enrichment, there will be nefarious individuals lurking within and nearby. Charity organizations are no exception. In fact, we feel they’re more likely to have corruption!

We also feel that the fact that charity organizations have a “buffer” against criticism (i.e., “HOW DARE YOU INSULT OUR EFFORTS TO HELP (insert cause here:) _____________ ?”), they get away with a lot more than we know. Plus, they have internal support from various government soldiers as well.

That helps shun off 95% of the squeaky wheels.

But not everyone.

Try not to get emotionally connected to these bad events.

What is the best charity? Or way to donate or contribute?

We’ve said this over and over and over and over here at Hoboken411.com.

The best way (a formula) to help (in general) is:
– Start with family
– Then friends
– Then neighbors (whom you like)

You might say – “well, that doesn’t do much!”

Ah ha!

BUT IF EVERYONE followed the same model – it would eliminate the need for worldwide charities like that.

Sad that people need to start “GoFundMe” accounts to get help sufficient enough. Sad that it takes an entire country to help some sad cause in some small town somewhere. (Again, marketing and emotion play a huge role on donations…)

Worse is that money goes out of one community – and into another community far away. There is plenty of funding in each community to help each other. But the “dramatic” ones that surface coast to coast get the dollars. And from far away.

Most people donate to benefit their own ego

Another thing that has changed in the past 50 years is WHY people donate.

One of the reasons might be similar – the feeling of human compassion.

Back in the day – people did have a little extra money left over each month. So donations certainly had less of an impact to one’s bottom line.

But today – while there are still “affluent” people out there – the MAIN reason people donate to charity – is to BRAG to others that they did, indeed, donate to some “cause.”

What is the percentage of people who MUST broadcast via (whatever social cesspool they use)? 90% at least? I think each charity page offers a way to “tweet” it out.


Connect the dots between all of this – and you’ll see that something just isn’t right.

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I’m with you on this. The pleas for help are overwhelming. No room left for discussing the nuts and bolts. If you question, you’re labeled a hater. That is the blueprint for enrichment. I tell anyone who will listen to keep their money in their pockets.