What good is the Hoboken Building Dept.?

What good is the Hoboken Building Dept.? {Flying bricks!}

Back in the winter – there was a fire at 53 Newark Street. Now, the building is getting gutted. What good is the Hoboken Building Dept. if they cannot create suitable safety conditions?

Today, what amounted to a “light breeze” caused a piece of the façade to fall into the street knocking down the barricades around the building. Someone could have been seriously injured or even KILLED by bricks falling 30 feet!

When did chunks of the brick wall falling three stories into the street not get considered a problem that needs to be urgently addressed?

I guess these things only get approached if don Zimmer’s or Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla’s campaign donors almost get hurt.

what good is the Hoboken Building Dept for again

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Keeping the city war chest filled with coin, that’s what they’re good for. Not for you or me!