Another bad piece of reporting

Another bad piece of reporting {mainstream blues}

A few weeks ago – we highlighted an example of bad journalism. It appears that this epidemic has engulfed the world. Now we have another bad piece of reporting from the utterly useless mainstream media.

This time it’s a relatively harmless subject – yet another technology update about the latest Google phone.

But perhaps you should read this and realize how hollow it is. It leaves me scratching my head – wondering what kind of brain-dead moron put it together! (Our comments in green.)

This is the story we’re referring to:

Why Google’s upcoming phone is more exciting than the iPhone X

Note the headline. One would be expected to FIND OUT why this stupid technology is “more exciting,” right?

They give you three leading bullet points:

  • Google sent out press invites for an event on Oct. 4.
  • Little is known about the phone or what it will offer.
  • By contrast, we knew almost everything about the iPhone X.

(If little is known, then why exactly is it more exciting? How can they reach that conclusion without evidence?)

Here is their stupid ass video:

I’m more excited for Google’s smartphone event on Oct. 4 than I am for the launch of the new iPhone X.

Leading up into Apple’s event earlier this week, CNBC and most of the media knew all there was to know about what Apple had in store. Three iPhones were unveiled, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. No surprises there, aside from the naming scheme.

The two iPhone 8 models are minor upgrades to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone X looks exactly like every leaked image that cropped up all year, and what might have been surprises, like Face ID, were expected.

Don’t get me wrong. I look forward to seeing it in person and maybe even buying one, but there really wasn’t anything we didn’t know about, and the whole unveiling was kind of yawn-worthy.

We even knew that the phone wouldn’t launch in September (which is still a bummer.) The Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K were also leaked ahead of the event. CNBC even scooped an announcement Apple made about working with Stanford on new heart studies.

The first 11 sentences were dedicated to APPLE. Fuck that!

Google’s Pixel 2, on the other hand, still remains a mystery.

The only reports I’ve seen suggest that the smaller model will be built by HTC, which manufactured both models of the Pixel this year. A larger Pixel 2 Plus (or whatever it might be named) will be built by LG, according to rumors.

It might not offer a fancy edge-to-edge display (or maybe it will?) but it will run Google’s new Android Oreo operating system that looks more powerful and clean than ever before. Also, Google recently announced its own augmented reality tools, which I hope are discussed during the event.

Guesses. Nothing about why anyone is excited at this point. We’re 16 sentences (out of 22 total) into the article so far.

Unlike Apple, Google is expected to adopt Qualcomm’s latest modems that support next-generation Gigabit LTE networks, too. That means, as all U.S. carriers start rolling out networks with much faster data speeds (think 5x -to 10x faster than current speeds), you’ll be able to use them. My guess is Google will talk a bit about VR, too, which Apple has yet to discuss.

Useless information.

But mostly, I’m excited because I don’t really know much at all about what Google has in store. Whatever it gets up on stage and announces will be a surprise. That’s exactly the opposite of what happened during Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X event.

That was the concluding paragraph. “I’m excited because I don’t know shit,” is basically what this moron said. Who thinks like that? Especially about technology?

(– end of CNBC article –)

Why this crap should be kicked to the curb by everyone

We see tons of utterly retarded articles, reports, and other updates come across our desk each day. In fact, they’re getting worse by the second.

How any of this constitutes useful or helpful information is beyond us.

And the fact that they end their stupid video with a conclusive statement like: “Bottom line Google’s phone is more exciting” is profoundly inaccurate. Not one fact backs that up.

I mean, “trusted” MSM outlets like CNBC should have better standards, no? I guess not – since their staffs are now cluttered with brain-dead millennials. The standards have fallen below the water line in our opinion. What’s worse is that hardly anyone even notices this shit that poses as “news,” nor complains about it. They just swipe and move on without critical thought.

The phone came out a week ago – and we haven’t cared to check out what all the buzz was about. This cycle repeats regularly – and dopey mentally-enslaved morons soak it up like a dish sponge. Humanity may extinct themselves with this reverse evolution.

another bad piece of reporting google pixel 2 cnbc - Another bad piece of reporting

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