Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking {about your own life?}

As I live my own life – and astutely observe others “living” theirs as well, a question pops into my head often. “How many people employ honest critical thinking when it comes to their own lives?”

Critical thinking is not easy for most individuals.

It requires a strong mind, as well as the ability to accept new paradigms that go against what you once may have believed.

critical thinking a lost art - Critical Thinking

10 Questions for the critical thinking human

Below is a list of starting points anyone can take to begin the positive path towards becoming a critical thinking person. Attempt at your own risk – it may cause you to wake up just a bit…

  1. Why do you do what you do? Peel back the layers and self-examine why you’re doing exactly what you’re doing today. Find the root or “tipping point” which led you to that “thing.” Was it natural or influences?
  2. How do you get information? What are your sources? TV? News outlets? Social media? How has that information changed you and what you do each day? How many of your sources encourage DEEPER thinking beyond their narrative?
  3. Why are there polarizing viewpoints in the world? How come there are so many “groups” of people that seem to clash in regards to simple ideas? Even to the point of violence? Same goes for bodies of people who actually shoot guns and drop bombs on one another.
  4. What about your purchases? Look at your belongings. Clothes. Technology. Transporation. Even gym memberships and food. Do you have any idea why you started buying those exact things? Would you even be able to comprehend your own influential timeline?
  5. And then there is your “entertainment.” How much have you brought into your life? TV subscriptions. Movie tickets. Set top boxes. Streaming apps. Music channels (satellite or internet). Magazines. Free YouTube channels. How many hours a week (out of 168) do you spend passively “consuming” some kind of entertainment? What about talking about it afterward?
  6. A separate entry is dedicated to “sports,” even though it is also a form of entertainment. It’s an entirely unique form of entertainment – because it truly employs “tribe mentality” more than TV shows. And has the added bonus of apparel, fantasy leagues, and gambling. Have you ever asked yourself why you continue funding that mega-lucrative industry? Do you ever understand your own emotions are being manipulated for the profit of others?
  7. What about the foods you eat? Do you really know what is “healthy” and what isn’t? Have you read and understood the whole concept of propaganda and marketing (a la Edward Bernays?) That most things that are peddled nowadays manipulate human emotions and ego?
  8. And what about how the pharma and medical industry – and how they benefit by you being “sort of” sick much of the time, yet still alive enough to pay for it? You ever wonder if they have been doing that on purpose for their own revenue stream?
  9. A big whopper is “history.” Not only the history of this country – but history through the ages… While things seem good on the surface here these days – have any of you thought how thin the veneer of society is? We’re literally one little domino away from complete chaos. And remember, the Victor tells the story – as well as who controlled the narrative (i.e., news) for the past couple hundred years…
  10. Your ego. This is a big deal – because it covers many aspects of your life. However, some top selling points are fitness, diet, and fashion. Your ego is a massive hub which controls much of what you do. Whether it’s crossfit. Or social media. Or Athleta yoga pants. Or selfies on the Hudson. One of the many questions may be: “Do you know how you’re allowing your ego to dictate your life?” In other words – OTHER PEOPLE have “tapped into” your ego – and have gotten YOU to do things which you view as “voluntary,” but in fact, they were not. You just never admit or realize it.

There are countless others to consider (like education, laws, and much more), but this should be enough to keep you thinking for now.

Why critical thinking? So what? I’m doing fine and loving life!

Sure – there are many successful people plodding around Hoboken who are “doing great” in their own minds.

They have a good life, perceived themselves as healthy, have “fun” with what they’re doing, and might even have plenty of money for today, and a lavish retirement.

That does not mean that beefing up your critical thinking skills isn’t beneficial. In fact, it’s definitely good for your health – as well as your family’s.

While there are many people who we observe as being complete pawns in the system – a lot of them are just blissfully ignorant and “do well” at the same time. It’s kind of sick, actually. That those that “play along well” with this perverted societal system, seem to “have all the luck.”

But they do not have all the luck. Perhaps from a superficial standpoint, they do – but not in the long run.

Those folks are the ones that get sick and die earlier. They also over-consume and suffer a lot of the time. A majority of them don’t enjoy the benefits long term. Even the super-rich. Sure they have more toys to play with – but for a lesser time, and more time spent getting and being sick, and dying younger.

I’ll take the healthy, cynical, critical thinking alternative any day of the week.

But then again, as they say, “ignorance is bliss.” And those that do meet their untimely demise most likely didn’t suffer all that long. Who knows, maybe being blind to the realities of life is a better way?

Just ask Cypher in the Matrix. He just wanted his bloody steak and fame. How did he end up? Dead.

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