Social media destroying minds?

Social media destroying minds?

Anyone that has an attention span and has read our site for the past decade and a fifth – will realize that we went “in a different direction” in regards to some aspects of human technological evolution.

For one – we essentially do not partake in social media. We send “blasts” out (automated), but we rarely actually wade in the cesspool known as social media.

We prefer human contact in most cases. The limit of our digital interaction usually stops with email – because it’s essentially electronic letters. Or literally “mail” that you’d used to get back in the day – just with better turnaround time.

SOCIAL MEDIA DESTROYING MINDS - Social media destroying minds?

So why is social media destroying minds?

Well – for one thing – and Twitter can be blamed for this – is the shortening of messages. Those “tweets” on that horrible network do not allow for real discussions to take place.

While fakebook does – hardly any of the mentally-enslaved morons will EVER read an entire composition in its entirety.

That is the sad part of humanity. That a small fraction of the populous will actually allow a body of work to be absorbed. And let it “sink in” for a period of time.

They “scan” the way their brain has been conditioned – and if certain criteria are not met – THEY STOP READING.

While that is prudent for many readers to determine whether something is truly “worth” reading – short “zine” or blog articles are outrageously EASY to read. We’re not talking about “War and Peace” here, are we? What is five minutes of your time? You never know if a writer has a profound nugget of knowledge unless you give them a chance.

However, most people decide to stop reading the MINUTE they think the author is perhaps contrary to their own internal beliefs. Which is nonsensical, in our opinion.

There are better ways

Humans before the tech revolution were much more open-minded. They allowed their perceived ideas to be challenged. In fact, many of them welcomed new ideas to expand their mental horizons – accepted or not.

It’s good to know how other people think and act. Which is why we often read publications that we know we don’t agree with. Not only for the viewpoint of the other side – but to grasp humanity as a whole – and to continue on the path of figuring out “why” some people think differently than others.

In the end – one of our curious goals is to figure out who is shaping public opinion.

And we’ve accurately concluded that much of what the “general public” thinks or believes is typically wrong. Or at the very least, “misguided.” Propaganda or whatever you want to call it. Especially when it comes to: finances, medical nonsense, military jibberish or “government” decrees.

Our society is so misdirected – it’s almost frightening.

Discovering “the truth” is nearly next to impossible these days with all the fakery that exists in our (former) real world.

Not sure I have much advice for anyone these days. I can say that pruning your list of friends to less than one hand’s worth of fingers goes a long way. And unplugging from TV and social media will also do profoundly well for your mental well-being.

But it requires discipline and careful contemplation to “Get” what I’m talking about.

Another aphorism that might make it easier to figure out is: “Never give a shit what anyone else thinks about you…” (I made that up on the spot – but may have been said countless times in the past…)

You are in control of you eventually. Why not let that happen today?

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