Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself

Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself

[411 Note: This is a profoundly truthful and spot-on video about a part of our history. I’d surmise that 99% of Hoboken residents are unable to allow this to sink in whatsoever (it’s difficult to comprehend, sorry!) That said – I can still recommend an incredible book series that will explain the whole thing as if you’re a 13-year old kid. You know, “easy reading!” It’s called the Uncle Eric series from Richard J. Maybury.

You’ll understand very quickly how what you think you know about all these so-called “individual” wars – were just part of an ongoing 2,000-year war that is still taking place. By far the best source of truth and understanding YOU WILL EVER GET. To state otherwise would be an understatement. But I sadly suspect that I’m preaching on deaf ears. Because everyone is so God-damn smart today, you know, because of “googul.”]

why the west hates and is destroying itself

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