Uptown Commerce Center

1/15/2009 Update:

Swung by the Uptown Commerce Center this week to speak with owner Mike Gorman. And we have another name change…

uptown commerce center in hoboken now called peachtree hollow - Uptown Commerce Center

Welcome to Peachtree Hollow

Inspired by the peach trees that grew in this area of Hoboken in years past, Mr. Gorman decided it was best to give this neighborhood a “classier” name than something like “industrial area” or “northwest Hoboken.” So keep that in mind as this area develops.

Retail spaces are done, just need tenants

Presently, the only officially leased tenant is the Adventures in Learning Day Care Center – which will begin construction in a week or two. The 4500 square foot space will have about 5 “classrooms” and accept children from six-months to four years old. They’re considering the space next door as well – and would be for older children.

They’re also in final negotiations with a 24 hour fitness center that will occupy two spaces on the western side (more on that later.)

I got a tour of the facility, and was impressed with the size, and quality of construction. The spaces felt massive because of to 20’+ ceilings (and of course the fact they were empty). But everything from the masonry bricks, the triple-paned hurricane windows, and mercury vapor photo-sensitive lighting was top-notch. There was even a single interior loading dock/delivery entrance that is accessible for all businesses.

The location has approval for a liquor license, so that means there’s a chance a bar may be able to move in there.

Benny’s or Biggies?

Some notable local businesses that are expressing interest are Benny Tudino’s Pizza, as well as Biggie’s Clam Bar (which would probably re-locate if they lease). Bigger chains such as Boston Market are also poking around.

There is certainly much potential for this area of town, but one wonders how long it will take to get a serious injection of “life.” The Clearview Cinemas theater construction is a bit slowed down now due to the cold weather, but once that opens up later in 2009 – it should hopefully promote some activity.

Good luck Mike, and we’ll catch up in a couple months as the site develops!



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(previously known as the “strip mall”)
10/17/2008 Update:

Another weekly update about “The Commerce Center” shopping strip uptown.

Will be completed soon, tenants needed

They were laying blacktop today, and getting ready to remove the chain-link fences. I had a chance to speak with one of the contractors, John from Klae construction. Here’s what he told me about the location:

  • “Everything is on schedule” to open officially at the end of October.
  • Only one unit (Unit A) has been leased – to a daycare type facility.
  • Chain link fence will be replaced with stylish low black fence.
  • Some parties have expressed interest, such as Chock full of Nuts (possibly moving their downtown location), a pizza place and others.
  • 47 total parking spots (including handicapped).
  • Several units have been “pre-prepared” with easily accessible plumbing, in case a business requiring a kitchen is interested.


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(10/17/2008 Uptown Hoboken Commerce Center update, continued…)

Additionally, he overheard that the red warehouse to the west of the center is “supposed to be 200 condo units.”

commerce center uptown hoboken october 17 2008 5 new 200 unit condo near commerce center uptown - Uptown Commerce Center

John also mentioned that the viaduct may be getting an overhaul in 2009 or 2010. (Not sure he’s right about that one, the way Hudson County works, they’ll probably wait till it collapses.)
commerce center uptown hoboken october 17 2008 4 viaduct repairs - Uptown Commerce Center

Oh, in case you might be interested in leasing a spot there – since the bit unit was already taken – you can grab a 1,400-1,800 square foot spot for $5,600 – $7,000 per month.

commerce center hoboken floor plan small - Uptown Commerce Center

10/9/2008 Update:

Here’s this week’s progress report for the 14th Street Strip Mall.

Don’t call it a strip mall!

In speaking with the developer last month – I was kindly told that “strip mall” or “mini mall” was probably not the best way to reference this location.

With that being said – from now on – this spot will be referred to as “The Commerce Center.” As in “Hey Buffy – let’s meet at The Commerce Center for a cup of coffee!”

Here’s the latest progress at The Commerce Center. And guess what? They fixed the sidewalk – and installed nice street lamps. Way to go!

uptown hoboken strip mall progress october 2008 2 - Uptown Commerce Center
uptown hoboken strip mall progress october 2008 6 - Uptown Commerce Center

8/29/2008 Update:

Construction is moving quickly at the upcoming strip mall on 14th and Adams.

Please for the love of god, provide us with “Change” and make sure no Starbucks ends up there!

hoboken uptown strip mall progress august 25 2008 5 - Uptown Commerce Center


This is going up adjacent to the Clearview Cinemas which is in the early stages of construction.

Strip Mall coming together

After a slow start, the new uptown strip mall on 14th and Adams is chugging along nicely.

hoboken strip mall 14th adams near clearview august 2008 2 - Uptown Commerce Center

There will be approximately 15,000 Sq. Ft. of retail space available, and supposedly already includes a bank, liquor store and coffee shop (hopefully Dunkin’ Donuts or Chock Full of Nuts. So sick of the Starbucks already!)

Also included are around 50 parking spots as well. Which is nice, because it’ll give an opportunity for commuters to stop by on the way to or from work.

What about the craptastic roads?

Earlier in the year, both Mayor Roberts and Environmental Services Director Joe Peluso said that some of the city’s horrific roads (most of them are horrible) are on the list for being repaired this year.

Peluso said that nearly half a million dollars would be used to repair various streets around town this year, including 13th Street, which both the theater and this new strip mall are located. Additional streets on the list were, (parts of) Fourth Street, Sixth Street, Jefferson Street and Garden Street.

Whether these repairs happen in our lifetime this year remains to be seen.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009 2:03 am

Any updates on this shopping center? It’d be nice if Boston Market really did open there, with the parking lot, and all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 10:58 am

Thank goodness something is being built other than “luxury” (which I guess means little more than washer/dryer in unit) condos with the possibility of retail beyond the boilerplate dry cleaner/nail salon/chain coffee store. It’s a move in the right direction, and a welcome one. As posted above, there has to be more to Hoboken retail than Washington Street and First Street.

hoboken hammer
hoboken hammer
Saturday, January 17, 2009 10:42 am

[quote comment=”128303″][quote comment=”128299″]What about preserving some of the character of the neighborhood? What about planting a peach tree or two? Naming a strip mall is respectful? I call that lip service.[/quote]

Pretty funny considering the only thing up there is a bunch of bus depots, cookie-cutter condos, empty lots and the “never-to-be-built” community center that the now bankrupt Tarragon promised us. Oh – and lets not forget the “theater-that-has-no-parking”…….another winner brought to us by our ever so wonderful mayor. I say we call that section of town the “this is what you get when the mayor is on the take” ward.[/quote]

I’m still confused with the uproar over the parking at the theater. There was a theater on 1st/Hudson before with no parking. I know it was by the PATH – but that is for people who don’t live in Hoboken. If you lived in Hoboken how would you get there if you lived at 10th & Clinton? What about 4th and Adams?

Saturday, January 17, 2009 9:50 am

[quote comment=”128738″][quote comment=”128018″]I still don’t know where this place is. It’s like a whole different town up there. Strange.[/quote]

Time to get out of your bubble and talk a walk around town.[/quote]

I was talking to someone recently that didn’t know that there was a Shoprite in town. She has lived in town for over 4 years and had no clue. Crazy.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 7:58 am

[quote comment=”128018″]I still don’t know where this place is. It’s like a whole different town up there. Strange.[/quote]

Time to get out of your bubble and talk a walk around town.

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