Watch Pewdiepie ROAST Extreme, Deluded Leftist, Jennifer Lawrence

Watch Pewdiepie ROAST Extreme, Deluded Leftist, Jennifer Lawrence

[411 Note: This may have been from a few weeks ago – but it will always be important to understand. The utter BS you get from your beloved “actors” out there is comical. Well, to us at least. The fact that they still think they are influential is also hilarious. Sure, it may affect the remaining dumbasses out there (which is probably still a significant number). But that figure is in a strong decline. We personally think it is detrimental that they continue this illusion, but that is fine with me. It assures the destruction of this racket that much sooner.]

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Maybe her delusions, logical fallacies, and other forehead slappers are the result of an infection she contracted when she had to get down and dirty with Harvey Weinstein.

Same goes for Ashley Judd, et al.

Coincidence? I think not.