Quit Bitching about “Price Gouging”

Quit Bitching about “Price Gouging”

[411 Note: Excellent and quick test you can take or offer to someone who you know who was recently bitching about “price gouging.” In a capitalist environment (which you are free to participate in), the last thing you want is some “nanny” to tell you how to conduct business.]

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By Larken Rose.

Which of the following is morally and economically preferable?

1) The person who owns something gets to decide whether to sell it, and how much to sell it for. Potential buyers get to decide if they want to buy it at that price.

2) If a person who owns something wants to sell it to someone else at a certain price, and that other person is willing to pay that price, a third party has the right to use violence to stop the trade from happening.

3) Someone has the right to decide for everyone else which of their stuff they are going to sell, and for how much.

Either have the balls to admit that you condone #2 and/or #3, or quit bitching about “price gouging.”

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