Be Safe!

Be Safe {so sick and tired of that fakery!}

You know how every time there is something either potentially or inevitably “scary” or dangerous about to happen (almost anywhere in the world) – there are hordes of people who send social media updates like “be safe” or even worse – dumb ass hashtags “#BeSafe!”

Words or sentiments from strangers do not help anyone.

Maybe when social media was starting – those words might have made one or two people feel 1% better for about five seconds. But those days are over. It is now just a “sh*t show” of fakery!

be safe lame social media advice - Be Safe!

The feel good crap is solely for narcissists in 2017

My guess is that 99.675% of the people that EVER feel the need to put in “#besafe” in their social media updates – are doing it for their own SELFISH reasons.

  1. To not be labeled as someone who didn’t care enough. Or conversely – to get that “tick mark” that they have compassion (albeit digitally).
  2. To “out care” their friends – by putting the obligatory “be safe” crap in their updates – their other moronic friends will follow suit. What comes next is a tsunami of “be safe” messages flooding the interwebs. Hello, herd mentality!
  3. Because they’ve allowed themselves to become lemmings, and they don’t realize how few years it took for their meager brains to become almost entirely re-wired due to the cesspool known as their phone and social media. Astonishing, in fact!

I often sit back and say “This is mind-blowing. One of the most profound changes in humanity happened without most of our humanity even recognizing it. They just “do” it.”

But while it bugs me – my fallback is that this is one of the prime deficiencies of the human mind. Exactly what we’re witnessing.

And yes, some of us can connect the dots and understand how and why.

But the power of the majority rule (or mob rule in many instances) is next to impossible to overcome or defeat. Which is why those in the know re-develop their methods to reach out to those stuck in that modern matrix. Can’t happen overnight, but we see signs that it is happening. But it’s a difficult endeavor.

Interesting times ahead for sure. #BeSafe everyone!

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