Quality Greens Kitchen

Quality Greens Kitchen – Hoboken, NJ – 227 Washington St.

This is taking the place of the doomed Foot Locker at 227 Washington Street. Hey, I was always for quality eateries. And each one – regardless of their name – had to prove themselves. It appears in Quality Greens Kitchen’s case – they want their name to precede their output. Hence, “Quality Greens Kitchen.”

Classic marketing trickery.

In the end – it will be a frickin’ kitchen, with human beings running the show.

Which means they have the same chance of either getting it right or screwing it up royally as every other restaurant or kitchen in Hoboken.

However, it appears they’re betting on “Frontline trickery” to coax people into thinking “quality” is the name of the game.

Uh, no.

Marketing buzzwords and psychological games only work so much. Plus, “Quality Greens Kitchen” may very well backfire if they don’t live up to their name, right?

Maybe for mentally-enslaved morons, it works magic. And there are certainly thousands of them in Hoboken, which gives them a fighting chance.

But if they don’t put their money where their “name” is – they will be doomed faster than a rotary phone at a 2017 tech conference.

Creative marketing aside – value and taste will dictate Quality Greens Kitchen’s future. Nothing else.

Description: Just some place that serves food with the name “Quality Greens Kitchen.”
Address: 227 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: qualitygreenskitchen.com

quality greens kitchen hoboken NJ 227 Washington street

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