Mamoun’s Moving

Mamoun’s Moving {probably better terms}

Better terms and location. Mamoun’s Falafel is moving closer to the downtown area. They probably did this for purely financial reasons.

Anytime a business picks up and relocates – it’s likely they did it because they will profit more. Either lower rent, better volume due to location, or a combination of both.

But this is shrug territory for us – since we don’t eat carb-dense foods whatsoever.

At least we know we won’t be getting the runs anytime soon!

Good luck at 300 Washington Street, Mamoun’s.

mamouns hoboken NJ moving - Mamoun's Moving

mamouns hoboken nj 300 washington street - Mamoun's Moving

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Saturday, September 30, 2017 12:29 am

I wouldn’t shed a tear if they moved out of town. Their falafel is over rated and greasy. Tastes cheap too. The reason they are so popular must be because of some mystery ingredient. I’m convinced.

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