“Why are you so negative?”

“Why are you so negative?”

We get emails from time to time – from some anonymous people – who berate us about the words we type. “Why are you so negative?” they ask.

Well, the short answer is – we are realistic and pragmatic.

But we’ll elaborate as to our position on consumerism and other things here. So maybe you’ll understand a little more.

Challenging ideas is what makes humanity great

We tend to like taking an automatic stance which is “against the grain” as they say.

It does several things.

  • One, by being in the “so what?” or “cui bono?” mindset – you question almost everything around you. Including the things that even you think you believe. It is healthy to do that. Never just accept anything without running through your own mental ringer.
  • Two, we understand marketing and hype. As well as necessities and economics. All those things have a relationship. The key is understanding the relationships. (Think: $700 iPhones and $200 monthly data plans in the GHETTO… who benefits exactly?)
  • Three, regardless of how great something appears – there are still fundamental aspects which need to be understood. See number two above.
  • Four, do not get “sucked in” to anything. Learn to identify labels and trigger words. This all goes back to marketing 101, and with today’s social media cesspool – the indoctrination comes at an incredibly and almost mind-boggling fast and furious pace. Not many people have time to sit back and analyze anymore. Nor are they willing to even try!

What you call negative – is what we call survival

You see, these marketing geniuses have amazingly created surfs. People who just do whatever they’re indirectly told to do. It’s sick, actually.

Both from the fact that humans are so fallible, and that other people and business are willing to exploit the weaknesses.

Some initial good books to read up on are: Any book from Edward Bernays – “The Godfather of Marketing” (nephew of Sigmund Freud…)

There are many others – but those are considered “ground zero” of when people began acting like mindless zombies.

Another good thing to watch is Bill Hick’s videos about marketing people. He died. Like Carlin. Like other sensible comics:

Ivory Tower, or even the Tower of Babel?

Think of these historical names. Hitler. Stalin. Mao.

What if you were negative about them back in the day? You’d be right, no?

If you were “successful” enough, you wouldn’t be for long. You’d be dead.

I think the same thing is happening now. But without an army of armed soldiers.

But rather with an army of INDOCTRINATED IDIOTS who hate you for showering them with “truths” which they now call “MICRO-AGRESSIONS!”

You’re BAD for mocking their addictions and allegiances to the black cloud of hell, consumerism, and lemming-Ville!

They hate you for calling them out. They are embarrassed but have a legion of similarly-indoctrinated zombies behind them. Mob rules, right?

It’s kind of sick if you ask me. Society is becoming hell on earth.

BUT: We’re positive about a LOT of our lives!

The things we’re positive about – are “triggers” for most people. Why? Because they go against the “mainstream narrative” that is being peddled across our nation. Such as:

“Negative” may just be ammo against “mainstream?”

This is another aspect of squelching dissent against mainstream “money-making” endeavors around the world.

The minute someone injects “common sense” into something – it gets labeled as “negative” or “hateful.” But what that often means, is that it’s “disrupting someone else’s revenue stream.” And only that.

Those that are profiting from WHATEVER, will use EMOTIONAL nonsense to coerce you to come back or “fight against” those that offer differing opinions.

Read Bernays and others to figure out how The Hive Mind works. Most of you that take the majority of the particular stances out there today are simply useful idiots. Maybe pawns. Either way, it’s not YOU that is leading “the movement,” it’s someone else. Almost always is.

How independent are you?

Lastly – a few questions to ask about yourself. This will provide fertile grounds for further investigation. Perhaps you can re-read this post after taking this test?

  • – How much TV programming do you watch each week? Do you “binge watch?” More importantly – do you send out messages about your “binge watching?”
  • – Most of you pay each month ($100 or more) for “cable TV.” How much “news” do you watch? Why? What good does it do – especially when you can see the same stuff on the internet?
  • – DO you follow the rules of “government?” Parking permits. Licenses. Speed limits. Noise volumes. Words. Think harder.
  • – Have you ever traveled to a foreign country without going through a “check point?”

“Negative” is not a bad thing – it is reality

Lastly – while all these dopes like to say people like us are just negative and “buzz kills” to their false idea of what life is all about, we 100% disagree.

Being stern about your beliefs and against the horrible changes society has thrown our way is healthy and strong. It shows you have brain-matter between your ears.

Footnote: To those hooked on “FOMO”

Hey guys and girls – who stay connected to their cell-slabs for each and every waking moment…

Think about how disease-ridden you are. That you cannot STOP looking at each and every social media feed you voluntarily signed up for. If someone took it away, you’d be “at a loss.”

You can cancel at any time. But you can’t. And you won’t.

See how addicted you are?

Any justifications that are thrown out there always make me laugh.

Conclusion: It’s not negative

The bottom line – as we mentioned above – has nothing to do with negativity. It’s usually just a BETTER ALTERNATIVE. Or something more complex like finding out the motives or who benefits. Financially or psychologically.

Sometimes cheaper. Sometimes faster. Sometimes without the liberal hype. Certainly without the hive mind.

Either way, it’s better than the narrative. We love it. Always question everything. Once that becomes habitual – you’ll realize that most of your life is a fraud.

While that may feel crappy initially, your newfound awareness is like 20/20 vision after being almost blind your whole life. Get off social media and focus on the true fundamentals of your existence. Rewarding to say the least!

negative is good

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