Hudson Stables

Hudson Stables – Luxury Car Storage in Hoboken

An interesting business is coming to NW Hoboken this fall. Hudson Stables.

What is Hudson Stables?

Well – in simple terms – it’s basically a “luxury garage” for people with expensive cars.

I guess folks with cars that cost ten times what an average person makes a year, need special “white glove” treatment for their prized material possessions. At least that’s what the proprietors of this operation probably believe.

Think of it as “platinum card” at some kind of casino, where you get tasty finger sandwiches while draining your bankroll drunk at 5 am on a Tuesday.

Hudson Stables Hoboken NJ Luxury Car Storage - Hudson Stables

More than just a luxury parking garage

Anyway – this is apparently more than just a “luxury parking garage,” where you can have a better chance of NOT getting your car dinged by some dumb bimbo who’s texting her dog-sitter while she applies yet another pore-clogging layer of makeup to her already pock-marked face.


You get “detailing.”

You get “refueling.”

You get “inspections.”

All that, plus a “humidity controlled” environment. (I guess that is good if you plan on keeping your prized possession in there always and never drive it outside…)

But I digress (along with the probably $1000 or more a month “storage” fee…)

Are there that many “FU” wealthy tycoons in Hoboken?

This guy, Jonathan Lloyd-Jones, who runs the Classic Car Club Manhattan – believes that Hoboken has enough “UBER wealthy” customers to make this operation a success. He probably has more insight than we do, that is for sure.

And sure, people that own expensive cars probably want an upscale place to put their worldly possession in with some “comfort,” right?

But I don’t see it being a success, and predict this overpriced car-storage racket will live a short life before it becomes something else. Like a meat locker or another useful thing.

I wish businessmen like Mr. Lloyd-Jones would consider hiring ME after my prediction comes true. It would be good for his business at that point. Not sure where he got his advice from for this (doomed) idea. Fire that guy immediately.

You’d think that tools who have so much money that they can afford not only fancy cars and upscale Hoboken apartments – that they’d at least have a nice property far away from the “have-nots” where they can keep their car-collections, right? That is why we think this operation will not last too long.

But we’ve been wrong in the past.

Think about it. If you were “well off” how would you handle your precious cars? Not by living in Hoboken, that’s for sure!

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