Get that song out of my head! (9/22)

Get that song out of my head! {Kansas}

Continuing our “Get that song out of my head!” feature – which is stunting our productivity!

GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD NOWToday’s curse is Kansas: Carry on Wayward Son.

It’s one of those songs that just a single short portion of the piece sticks with you for weeks.

Kansas: Carry on Wayward Son

“Carry On Wayward Son” balances out the more energetic portions of the song with some slightly slower, more low-key bridges that have an almost thoughtful sound to them, and are mostly piano instead of the guitar-and-drums of the rest. Not all songs can hit this balance successfully, so props to the songwriters for this. And while no “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it is a lot more musically complex than most songs of today.”

About “Get that song out of my head!”

A look at various songs that have the tendency for some people to get stuck in your head. Get that song out of my head is our way of forcing it out of our head by all means necessary (until a new one comes around out of the blue).

kansas carry on wayward son

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