Dumpy warehouse building to Cookie Cutter Condos

Dumpy warehouse building to Cookie Cutter Condos

It appears if the future project of turning that old brick warehouse building at 8th & Clinton into cookie cutter condos is a wash for the community. In other words – what difference does it make to you and me?

While that building often stunk like crap on hot days – it had some degree of character at least – and served as a landmark.

These days we have few landmarks in Hoboken. Imagine giving directions with nothing but cookie cutter condos as landmarks? People will be driving in circles from the endless drab scenes of similarly-looking buildings. Snooze!

This is how the new building will look (designed by Minervini Vandermark):

And this is the old building.

Of course, there will not be enough parking to prevent even more issues in Hoboken.

We’ve said many times – all new buildings should result in a NET INCREASE of parking spots (including family and visitors). But that is not the case. Each new building worsens the parking problem for residents in Hoboken. Regardless if they live in a garaged building or not.

No one is paying attention to the long-term trends. Of course not. Until it’s way too late. They should have spoken up back in the 80’s and 90’s. But what good is history? Not much.

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