Juice Press also coming soon to Hoboken

Juice Press to also occupy former Hoboken fish-wrap building

We also found out that Juice Press will join Soul Cycle in the former Hoboken Fish-wrap building uptown. A meager 100 square foot spot to buy calorie-dense juice.

Along with group classes – I am blown away by how suckered people are into “juicing.” Not steroids, but these super-carb, supposedly “nutrient dense” juice drinks.

I can imagine how many thousands of Hoboken residents either make NO progress or even NEGATIVE process in their weight loss goals by drinking these calorie-bombs.

You get as much if not MORE healthy nutrients from eating MEAT. The juice may taste good, but you’ll be hungry in a snap – and the future diabetes bills won’t be so sweet at all.

Skip the juice and enjoy your water (and good health – and extra money!)

juice press hoboken NJ - Juice Press also coming soon to Hoboken

(PS – Yep. We were wrong about the Apple Store. Not enough population density uptown yet…)

Description: Juice Press. Consuming WAY TOO MUCH without a doubt.
Address: 1400 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TwitterFacebook

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