Authority over others

Authority over others {food for thought}

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of “authority over others.” And when I say authority – I mean “authority” in quotes.

How many of you question what that “authority” ever means? What gives one human being the right to dictate what they should be doing? Or as KRS-One said – who’s protecting us from you?

However, this concept has multiple facets. Let’s take a look at a few just to try and understand this dilemma that has plagued society since day one.

Parents and children

This concept of “authority over others” I can grasp. Parents who bring new lives into this world have a responsibility. And that is raising a competent human being capable of LIVING THEIR OWN LIVES eventually.

How long that takes depends on the quality of parenting, of course.

But for this to happen – parents NEED authority over their kids.

Telling them what is wrong and right. Denying them things they “want,” and punishing them for mistakes. Even with they’re crying and tantrums – parents establish (what is hopefully) sensible boundaries and rules in which to live by. It doesn’t always come easy – and is naturally a “learning process.” One of the huge quagmires of parenthood, of course.

Kids are essentially ignorant idiots. But they slowly grow out of that as they learn and augment their brains with useful information about how to navigate the world. It is, and should be, the parents wish to raise the best possible human beings. That absolutely requires that “authority over others.” Mom and Dad are the “BOSS.” The kids are the subservient’s. That is how it works in nature. Look at any animal breed to see the same exact thing.

Parents essentially are on the hook for 18 years from birth to care for their kids. (More on this below).

authority over others - Authority over others

Society’s “rulers” and the “constituents”

This next segment rubs me the wrong way.

Sure, we can have a separate argument about how we would “run” a “civilized” society WITHOUT the so-called “ruling class,” and the associated “laws” and “law enforcers” (armed thugs). But that is not the point of this post.

The fact of the matter is – that once everyone reaches adulthood – and depending on their career choice – it lumps you into either a private class – or a so-called “authoritative” class. Which is bizarre.

  • Some people work for corporate America.
  • Some choose to start their own business.
  • Many choose to work for “public service,” which in essence, means some government entity somewhere. (Government is next to the top “employer” in the world!)
  • And even fewer choose to be “elected” to “serve the public” in some kind of “official” position.
  • Others have no luck – and get free money from the government.
  • And those with shitty options, choose a life of crime and so on.

There are many other categories – but for the sake of simplicity…

What you have at this point – is those who live life – yet are “ruled” by others. And those that “rule” over you. Even the low-life criminals in the ghetto have those that rule over them. The more powerful thugs, or the drug kingpin, etc.

But it’s a multilayered fuck-fest. Because, say people like Don Zimmer – while she recently “ruled” over people in Hoboken – she still was “ruled” by the federal (and state and county) government – and their laws. Ask Peter Cammarano how that turned out.

Almost anyone – is apparently ruled over by others. WTF?

True – humanity is a “power structure” no matter what

This whole concept does lead to a common truth. That in humanity – there are leaders and non-leaders.

In a simplistic viewpoint, (say a village tribe), people would naturally select leaders. Like the biggest, strongest guy would be the “security.” Or the smartest guy would be the banker or logistical analyst. The best cook would be the head chef, and so on.

Human beings automatically gravitate towards those that outwardly exhibit skills. People would naturally accept those who possess those skills.

And as you can see – if there is more than one person who supposedly has those skills – the concept of “market” comes to play. The better option usually wins. On a level playing field, of course.

But what about voluntary?

Voluntary subservience is okay

Say you had an open community with no formal “power structure.”

Leaders would naturally rise. Like those who are the strongest. Or the most intelligent. Or most organized, etc. Natural leaders are organic – and should be recognized by those who are not as skilled. That is how it always worked in primitive days.

Same goes for certain jobs. The skilled craftsman with gobs of experience is the natural leader over those with little or none. That is how it works.

You could also agree it should be that way in relationships. Those who have proven skills should be given the reign over such responsibilities (i.e., lawn care, carpentry, cooking, cleaning, baby-rearing, etc.)

People should be honest and say things like “this person is better than me at (insert skill here), I will relinquish my say in order for them to make the decisions, etc.”

But that doesn’t always happen – because people are big-mouths and want control over everything – even if they can’t muster up the ability to do it themselves. Which is part of the reason there are so many problems in this world.

Other authoritative relationships

Before we conclude this piece – here are a few other situations where adult human beings have “authority over others,” whether it’s right or not.

– Pimp, prostitutes. The pimp has the crew, the guns, and the money. And he feeds drugs to the hookers. Authority 101.

– Bread winner. In many relationships, the person who “brings home the dough,” has much say and authority over what goes.

– Strong vs. Weak. Many relationships are dominant vs. subservient as well. A power play that leads to authoritative situations. Sometimes the subservient actually thrive being controlled. Most often it’s due to how they were raised.

– Master / slave – back in the day – the slaves HAD to endure thier abuse purely because they would either get beaten or killed if they strayed out of line. The most fundamental example of “authority” you can think of.

– Government / Populace. Yeah, those with the guns and the “laws” behind them are the ones telling you how to act and behave (and pay). Yet we all “allow” it.

Who says when a person is an “adult?”

Another thing that annoys me is that the government has decreed that a child is a legal adult at 18 years old.

I can bet that some kids are ready to “be an adult” as early at 13 year old. Others, especially in today’s age – maybe not until 30 years old!

Why do we need government to tell us when kids are adults?

Heck, you have thug juveniles in Jersey City killing people (probably because of mindless games like Grand Theft Auto) – why not just throw them in jail just like everyone else?

Dictating a law, with a corresponding “number” is stupid.

Another example of bad future planning.

Getting away from “authority” is next to impossible

In the “advanced” world, you have almost no chance to escape the “authority” that someone else proclaims to have over you. Not without a fight, at least.

Think about it.

Even wildly successful business people who make tons of money still have to pay Uncle Sam.

It’s not until you make billions that you can bribe politicians (and even GET money from them – a la Elon Musk) to pave your way to easy street.

It’s true most of us are not immune from the law – and even some corrupt politicians meet their fate (only after they’ve pushed too hard), this horrible power structure we have in place to civilly run out country has resulted in almost all of us being slaves to other human beings – and the stupid associated laws to keep us in check.

While I cannot imagine humanity without some kind of rule structure in place to hold people accountable for their actions – the way America is today is a bit over the top. Most laws (90% at least) should be stripped. The majority of the “laws” passed these days are not for the benefit of society – but rather the augmentation of government coffers.

There has to be a better way.

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